If you take your time, slow down and use a little common sense you will be just fine. I’m almost fully booked for July right now and only have 3 days available. Beautiful lake. I have been slacking on updating this website, but I hope to try and get back to monthly and maybe even biweekly reports. Contact me and set up a day on the water. Speed has been really critical. When ever the temps warm up and allow it to be comfortable to fish, the boat comes out of the shed and to the river I go. The flow is coming up and the daylight hours are getting longer daily. SPRINGFIELD, Va. September 1, 2020 – For the nation’s 12 million boat owners, Labor Day weekend is the last blast, with many enjoying the end-of-summer boating ritual with family and friends aboard, according to Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS). The thing that kept me feeling great was to be on the water for so many days with so many wonderful people. Things are about to happen fast as we are within a few days of the start of the spawn. I don't mind rain, but when you get 3+ inches at a time it gets to be to much. The water has dirtied up a lot as well. You fish river panfish much the as you would in lakes. The water temp is still cool as the hot water discharge has been off. I have seen tons of 29 inch and change fish over the years. Lake Pepin still has been producing great Walleye and Sauger fishing also. Right now the clarity of the water is around a foot. I’ve been up there a few times already and it has been a blast. All in all it has been great. A lot of fun fishing is in the future. A day on the Mississippi River fishing is definitely much more than catching fish. This fish at pre-spawn would have pushed the 13 pound mark. Colors switch on a daily basis depending on clound cover and bright sun. Wing Dams and backwater cuts in Wabasha are producing some good catches. If you book a trip with me and book a stay at Everts Resort you will recive 25% off your stay with them. Despite having lots of bait the fish are biting. With the drop of the water temperature it's going to greatly improve the fishing as we head into the fall season. It was a year of ups and downs for all of us. Some saugers are coming up stream from Lake Pepin, but the big push or "run" hasn't happened yet and the fish are still many many in a pre pre spawn mood, and gathering before the run. Be sure to book a trip and enjoy the beautiful weather and also the great fishing. The Walleyes have already started to spawn and about 40% are spawned out. They can be found on wood in the water and rocky shorelines. overall, this is a great pond for panfishing...." Jesson Park Dam. The mud flats are still holding Walleyes, but the basin bite is starting to pick up. The water temperature as of yesterday was as high as 46 degrees. Lake Pepin is the largest lake on the Mississippi River. There still are large bug hatches going on and the fish are fat and healthy as can be. This fall has been quite a bit different from the last 3-4 previous years. I apologize for not being able to post any pictures on here for the last few reports, but my computer is being difficult… I've got a few up here now but that's all it allowed me to post. We are finally back to normal pool levels for once this season. Either the fish want to bite or they don’t! I am more than impressed on how well these new baits work. You can use about any presentation to catch them right now other than spinners are a little early. -Yes you are able to fish. The Walleyes absolutely love them!!! The good ole jig and plastic dragged will put some good fish in the boat day after day. Slip sinker rigs along with 3 ways slowly trolled tipped with a Crawler, Leech or Willow Cat. We also are lucky that the Walleye and Sauger season does Not close here on the border waters like it does on inland waters. I was once again out in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota working as a waterfowl hunting guide. June ended with a lot of great fishing and beautiful weather. A majority of the birds headed south and ended our season. If anyone is looking to get some spring weekend trips booked now is a good time to do so. The fish now are fat and a little lazy. The higher water levels have made for incredible Walleye and Sauger fishing all spring and summer so far. Well the groundhog was right in the money with his 6 more weeks of winter forecasted. Large sauger concentrations build up in the upper end of the lake prior to their migration to the Red Wing Dam. Bright colored crankbaits are drawing the fishes attention. With the conditions changing daily I have had to deploy a few different tactics to put fish in the boat. A Rustic Village in the Hills and Forests of South Lake Pepin. The changing leaves and cooler temperatures sure make it a beautiful time to be out. The Saugers have yet to spawn and should be starting within the next few days to a week. That being said I will be bouncing back-and-forth between the Mississippi River (Lake Pepin) and Mille Lacs Lake guiding fisherman. The River Walleyes have settled into there normal river spots now. Give it some time and the fishing will pick up soon. The Bass you can catch on Mille Lacs matches the Walleye fishing. With fishing some days are ok and some are really good. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. That definitely doesn't hurt my feelings at all because the mornings have been chilly. Beaver Creek Valley State Park. The sun is shining and it is a calm morning. I’ve pulled a few planer boards, but that bite hasn't taken off yet. Lake Pepin is a 54 acre lake located in Todd County, Minnesota. I also have been using 3 way rigs with bait and that has been very effective as well. I think fall is officially here. I hope all of have had a good long weekend. Summer sure is humming along quickly as we are into the month of July and the 4th of July was just celebrated. Looking for a holiday gift for that special fisher person? just prior to his 19th birthday. Small jigs under a bobber with a nightcrawler or pitching a small jig with a nightcrawler has worked well for bluegills. The Walleye and Smallmouth Bass are very plentiful and willing to bite. They are such a hard fighting fish that when landed put a huge smile on your face. Crawlers, Leeches and Willow Cats all work well. While fishing you get to enjoy the scenery of the widest part of the Mississippi River Lake City is rich with River history and lays claim to being The Birthplace of Water Skiing .Lake City is a great town with great places to stay such as the AmericInn and John Hall’s Alaskan Lodge. I hope everyone has a great week and good luck to the kids returning back to school. An average of 25 inch and up is very common and extremely fun. Dragging plastics, Dubuque rigging and vertical jigging with plastics have been a great way to put fish in the boat. The level has went from 672.32 early in the week to 671.2 as of right now. The Spawn is past us by a few weeks now and the fish are extremely hungry. The clarity is anywhere from 2 feet to 6 inches. Several trophies were boated by many anglers in my boat along with a fair amount of personal bests caught as well. They are being a little finicky as they have become fat and happy with there main diet being Mayflys. Despite all of the bugs I'm still putting fish in the boat for my customers. The river is forecasted to crest here in a few days. As for now you will find me on the ice. Some great eaters along with some bigger ones that were released. Stay mobile and be on the hunt for the active fish. Some giant ones are coming into the boat. That has keep the fish on the move as the flow went from 30,000 cfms down to 23,900 cfms currently. Landed 2 walleyes over 27 and lost another big one next to the boat. 30-70 Walleye catch days have been a normal thing. After that it appears that there will be some steady weather with a warm up come midweek. I offer gift certificates that can be purchased. It’s not far off though. Ideally we want the water temp in the mid to upper 40's during this time. Northern Flight Guide Service is who I worked for and is the hunting portion of the resort. Walleyes can be found almost anywhere on the Lake using pretty much and technique you choose. Just wondering if anyone can give me any tips on the fishing around Lake City. You can catch them many different ways. The temperatures are dropping, but the fishing is heating up. It’s fun for the whole family. From boat or shore – whether you like bobber fishing, jigging, trolling, or casting, trophy-size lunkers are possible rewards. Bluegills, Crappies and Perch have been filling in the gaps when the Walleyes quit biting. Catch yields have been up in the 70's a few days, but 40 was pretty common. It is historical as well, and mentioned in state and river literature, and geological studies, but also in the Laura Ingals Wilder Little House series! So what that means is if the weather cooperates you can fish in your boat all winter long. ( You can always view pictures and posts on my Facebook page ). I actually think it helped the bite. Pulling cranks on small river flats are working also. After all, we all forget gear from time to time. October and November on the Mississippi River is a great time to get in on some really good fishing. There have been some cool temps, but the fishing has been good. Still picking up some fish trolling in the basin pulling crankbaits and still getting a few fish pulling crankbaits in the river. The start of the season was abnormal as we had weather that was similar to the end of October not the beginning of it. If you haven't saw the picture of my wife's Giant Walleye check it out. There was a great bite this fall prior to winter and the power plant is up and running to keep the water temps up in the river. That being said we have had a large warm spell and some areas that did have good ice now have reopened. 3 way bait rigs and slip sinker river bait rigs are still working well for presenting live bait to a hungry Walleye or Sauger. We fished the river between the Red Wing dam and Lake Pepin pretty intensively starting this early spring and through late spring. The extended forecast doesn't show much of a warm up. Remember Minnesota's Walleye season closes February 24th, but Pool 4 of the Mississippi River doesn't close. Book a trip and come have some fun of your own. So much fun to say the least. Along with all of the big fish being caught there are great opportunities to put plenty of eating sized fish into the livewell for a great meal of fresh fish. They also have great places to eat such as Port 104. We caught around 20 fish for the day with a couple really nice ones in the mid 20 inch range. Catching limits of great eating fish has been a normal thing daily with fish catches between 30-60 fish daily. What an great place to stay and being absolutely beautiful doesn’t hurt either. This fall the water is extremely low. That has shot the water temp up really fast and the presentations have changed as well. I’ve been pretty busy on the Mississippi River. A little persistence and you can get a good mess of them for a great meal. With the water temps slowly falling the last week and a half the Walleyes and Saugers have started to bite decent. DON’T be alarmed by the rising water. The fishing in general is really good as many eating sized fish come into the boat and hit the livewell to go home to make for great table fare. Look for Walleyes shallow and Saugers deep. If you would like to see more you can visit my Facebook page as I have more listed on there. I’m looking forward to the rest of July and August. It sure is fun to see people's excitement when they land a big Mississippi River Walleye. The bait shops say there about done with Leeches for the year. The weather wasn't perfect. I have gift cards available for purchase. I haven't spent a lot of time targeting in them as most of my recent clients have requested to do the pan fishing. Depending on the weather depends on how long I will be taking trips. Carley State Park. Later in the week I already have been seeing spawned out females Walleyes. Well unfortunately once again I have been neglecting to update on here. We did loose some fish throughout the day. Pepin, WI. Not to Mention THE FISH ARE BITING!! Well it's Monday morning and it's a beautiful start to the week. Live bait in the river areas on small flats and wing dams are catching a lot of quality fish. Fishing the basin is a suspended crankbait bite. Finally with the cooler nights the temperature is beginning to fall some. Speed has mattered alot when dragging bait as well. Don’t forget to start thinking spring 2021 and get your trips booked. Your trying to trigger them into feeding. I have been using a whole variety of crankbaits and colors. So check back to those areas after a few hours and see if anything is willing to bite. Happy Monday morning everyone. If you are looking for ice fishing options, Lake Pepin is a good option because you will be able to find clear ice that gives you the chance to enjoy a wintry day on the lake. William O'Brien State Park. The entire Red Wing area has fish so don't get hung up on fishing one area. The fall season is settling in and I couldn't be more excited to be on the Mississippi River Pool 4 and Lake Pepin. The Sheriffs Department even shut vehicle traffic of all kinds down on Lake Pepin down along with several other area lakes during this warm up. Well it can quite raining anytime now. You just have to keep trying till you figure out what they are wanting on that particular day. Please choose a different date. Dubuque rigs, dragging jigs, vertical jigging and stick baits have been putting fish in my boat. All of the fishing equipment will be provided for you while on your trip. Hunting slowed up some for about week, but we keep at it and continued to grind out some great hunts. Visitors have access to Dead Lake from public boat landings as well as public lands or parks. Camping, boat launch and parks throughout, The view and area is beautiful. The full moon came in on the 24th of October and we also had a warm up which caused a bunch of our birds to head south. I myself am looking forward to an absolutely incredible fall fishing season and enjoying the beautiful River valley with all of the leaves changing colors. As some of the presentations haven’t changed a whole lot locations have however. The shear size of the area sometimes takes a little time to dial in a bite, but once you do it's game on. Casting jigs with plastics and hair jigs on rocky shore lines are producing well. The water temperature has finally reached 60 degrees and many presentations are putting fish in the boat. With the longer days and daylight hours the fish are becoming more and more active everyday. I was on a roll for my hunters getting limits of ducks for 18 days straight. For dragging jigs I use a good quality Medium action rod. We drove by Lake Pepin. What a great month May has turned out to be so far with decent weather and really good Walleye and Sauger fishing on the Mississippi River. Small river flats and back water channel areas still will yield good catches using live bait. A fishing gift card would be a perfect gift! Altura, MN. Under a bobber or pitched depending on the conditions. Windfinder specializes in wind, waves, tides and weather reports & forecasts for wind related sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, fishing or paragliding. They have a great selection of river colors that put fish in the boat for me. Leeches and crawlers are producing along with willow cats. It was nice to see all of the anglers out there and everybody seemed to respect each other's a space. I am offering a Weekday March discount for full day Walleye/Sauger open water trips. There was a decent bite for Crappies and some Saugers on Lake Pepin around the Maiden Rock area until the ice conditions got bad which did not allow good access to the area. The amount of Walleyes you can catch on that lake is crazy to say the least. Live bait has been working extremely well. Still picking up Walleyes and Saugers in Lake Pepin and the rest of pool 4. If your looking to get in on some great fishing give me a call and book your trip. The peak spawn is around the 15th of April. Jerk baits fished in the same areas along with tube jigs can be very effective. It paid off - we had good action throughout this time. I will start after the 4th of January. So give me a call to book your fall fishing adventure! The big push from Lake Pepin hasn't quite happened yet. What a weird bunch of weather we have been having this winter. The Mississippi river has been absolutely on fire the entire spring. explore. The Sauger fishing has been extremely good with great numbers of Walleyes being mixed in. Call and book your guided fishing trip today! Main presentations were jigs with plastics and also blade baits. As the dog days of summer approach I will start to do panfish trips and that can be a really fun day. I tend not to stay and grind out one place all day. Use your electronics to locate schools of fish. I can’t wait to see some of my repeat customers and as always I enjoy meeting new ones to show them a great day on the water. Fish are more spread out with the low flow. Using our electronics we were able the fish off the bottom and make them chase the baits which makes them a little more aggressive to bite. The spring time on the Mississippi River is a very exciting time. Nope. It by far has been plenty warm to be on the river fishing. They seem to be a little more scattered this year than normal. Live bait in the river areas have been working real well on 3 way rigs. If you just want to sit back, do some fishing along with enjoying the beauty the river valley offer is also another really good option. They make great CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!! Depths have ranged from 6-18 foot of water. Our amazing Panfish bite will be starting very soon in July. 3 ways with stick baits have been working as well. The Mississippi River is an incredible fishery with many areas to search out and stay on a good bite. The true excitement and joy of someone seeing a huge fish like that laying on the boat floor that they just caught is remarkable. I have done some pitching of jigs and blades as well and that has boated plenty of fish as also. Also starting to pick up a good number of bluegills and jumbo perch throughout Pool 4. The river level is currently 11.4 feet and the flow is 84,500 now. Techniques for putting Walleyes in the boat have been simple. River flats and main lake flats have held fish. Good electronics help me find pods of fish. I’m finding fish all up and down the Pool 4 area. You just have to keep changing it up till you get it dialed in. To get in on some great spring river fishing be sure to give me a call or send me an email to book your trip. Well mother nature has been all over the charts lately with the temperature. This keeps the river open from the dam down river to where it meets Lake Pepin. Be sure to contact me for a trip this Summer so we can enjoy a great time on the water together and make some memories. I hope everyone has a Happy Holidays!! Bookings will go fast so don't miss out on a date you’d like. Pretty much the same presentations as on Pool 4 can be used on Pool 2. Find the lodging and cabin accommodation that best suits your stay on Lake Pepin. If you can stand a little cooler weather this time of year you can be rewarded with some great fishing. The cold mornings and the moon phase where it is has pushed the early morning bite to more of a mid-day bite currently. It should be very good. Brighter colors have seemed to be the best. I still have dates available so if you want to get out on the river and shake that cabin fever while wetting a line. I have a few October dates left and November days as well. Large shad schools are everywhere on pool 4. Bugs, Bugs, and more Mayflys. I use many techniques to put fish in the boat, from live bait to artificial baits. The main lake and backwater areas will remain good till freeze up for Panfish. "Caught 5 Largish bluegill and maybe one trout. Also dragging jigs with live bait has been another great option. Interactive map of Lake Pepin that includes Marina Locations, Boat Ramps. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Years! If you've ever wondered who was crazy enough to invent water skiing, it was Minnesotan Ralph Samuelson on Lake Pepin. Fishing opener is almost upon us and all of the inland lakes in Minnesota will be open soon. Labor Day Boating Safety Tips for an End-of-Summer Ritual. Dragging jigs tipped with bait. The only day I have available next week is Thursday. May is always a really time fun to fish on the river as the weather is getting nice and the fish are really hungry after exerting all of their energy during the spawn.