Leaves are starting to curl. At the end of the article, you’ll find helpful growing tips on resolving common care issues with peacock plants. If the potting mix is dry, thoroughly drench the potting soil of the Calathea makoyana and allow the excess water to drain. About 14 hrs of light a day these days. Shown in our Pot with Saucer in Ivory Speckles. Getting humidity levels right is key to growing a healthy tropical Calathea. Depending on the infestation size, you’ll need to apply the plant pest control solution regularly. Everything you need to know about Furry Feather (Goeppertia rufibarba), including propagation, ideal conditions and common pests and problems. Right? If Calathea is curling away from the sunlight it can be an alarming situation. I've taken sharp sissors and cut the edges and already cut the yellow leaves as they come at the base of the plant. Its pale green leaves and the thin leaves and patterns make it easy to see why this plant also gets called The Stained Glass Window plant. What kind of soil is it in? The upper surfaces of the leaves are marked with dark green blotches along the veins, and the lower surfaces coloured deep purple, with leaf shafts that are very thin. However, you can also use pumice, poultry grit, crushed gravel, or charcoal bits to make a well-draining potting soil. Right now it is purple stripes, same colour, but every other one is glossy. The yellowing on the leaves is due to nitrogen and iron deficiency but can also occur if the plant doesn’t get enough water and … Since your screen name happens to be Calathea, I'm assuming you grow various types, know new leaves start out furled then when mature, open up. The spots run along the striking main vein. When I refer to the new leaves being a bit crackling, I refer to those growing according to the usual convolute vernation of Calathea (or Stromanthe, or Ctenanthe for that matter). Calathea makoyana plants need humidity levels higher than 60% to grow well indoors. Thankfully, you don’t have to turn your home into a humid jungle to grow this species as a houseplant. The curling leaves are the old ones, they curl on both sides along the length (like in an involute vernation). If the plant leaves have curled, check the soil for dryness. If you notice the edges of your calathea's leaves are browning or withering, that's a sure sign that you need to up your watering cadence. Here are some practical ways to increase humidity and encourage healthy peacock plant foliage: Encourage lush foliage by fertilizing a Calathea makoyana every two to four weeks. Calathea Leaf Problems: Browning, Curling, Wilting - YouTube For example, you will need to water peacock plants less often in winter than in summer. However, limp stems that are mushy near the soil are a sign of severe root rot. A small amount of lime, when added to the plan… Peacock plant. It used to be in a cache-pot by itself, which of course contributed to elevating humidity, then I took it out of it in order to accommodate the new Begonia Rex in the planter with it (how typical, there is never enough space anywhere). To grow peacock plants indoors, place your Calathea makoyana plant pot in bright light but protected from direct sunlight. To prevent root burn from a buildup of fertilizer salts, flush the soil every two months. When the leaves started curling I assumed humidity issues and set up a small humidifier by the plant. I wonder- could it be too much light? I can water without any problems- the soil drains well, and I take care of watering until the water flows out of the drain hole. If the leaves on your … Calathea musaica requires very little—if any—pruning. Here’s how to soak-water your Calathea: Place your plant in your sink or tub without the saucer. There are a number of reasons your houseplants may be curling and can include any of the following: Pests. Flowers are not a feature of these plants; the leaves are the show stoppers! Am I underwatering? Apr 26, 2019 - Explore Magnolia Shorea's board "Calathea", followed by 727 people on Pinterest. Mix well in a spray bottle and thoroughly douse the variegated foliage with the natural pesticide. Any suggestions? Please help!! Refresh the potting soil if you notice that it stops draining well. They are surprisingly durable plants, and can bounce right back from dehydration. And no, I did not repot, or do anything strange. When repotting, choose a pot that is one or two sizes up from its current one. Hi all! POLL:How would you liven up your bedroom? Unfortunately, if the decay is extensive, it may not be possible to save your plant. The 5 causes of calathea leaves curling and how to fix and prevent it. Peacock plants (Calathea makoyana) are native to the warm tropical climates in South America. Is yours in a hot room? The leaves grow on a single stem from the rhizome root. The plant is no longer “praying.” Healthy Calathea plants should move their leaves upward at night and then lower them during the day. Do you have photos you can upload to show the problem? The undersides of the calathea peacock leaves are a pinkish-red color with similar blotchy patterns. neem oil and 1 tsp. Calathea can endure short periods of underwatering if it must, but if that period extends too long, the plant will let you know about … losing bottom leaves on a birds nest fern. If the temperature is too cold or the plant is in a draft, leaves will start to droop. Each stem terminates in a colorful leaf. Calathea Makoyana is done by division of the worst culprits is repotting the plant in crisis soft. In other rooms, keep the plants behind a sheer curtain to protect them from direct sunlight. Now my nice healthy big leaves are turning yellow and the edges are getting brown and crisp. What is the ideal humidity for calatheas please? (S)Are they sitting in the same spot they were during winter? Why Your Calathea Leaves Are Turning Yellow. About temperature and humidity, we live at an almost constant humidity of about 60% (at this very moment it is 64%). Typically, you only need to trim off dead or … ... Calathea Makoyana 'Peacock' quantity I keep the plants about 4 ft from an east facing window (no curtains) and about 4 ft from a heater. The best potting soil for Calathea makoyana is a combination of peat moss, compost, and perlite. Leaves curl for various reasons..Too much/little sun, overwatering, extreme underwatering, lack of humidity.Since your screen name happens to be Calathea, I'm assuming you grow various types, know new leaves start out furled then when mature, open up. If growing conditions are not ideal, Calathea musaica can exhibit leaf curling, develop brown leaf tips, or suffer from drooping leaves. Calathea leaves are famous for their striking colors and elaborate patterns that almost look like they are painted on. My monstera is dying, leaves turning brown/yellow, please help. ... Pruning Network Plant Leaves. Water it and mist it regularly. There's been three so far but … Sorry to hijack the post! I live in a generally humid climate but because of recent drought it's only about 50-60%, lower over night. In the new pot, half-fill it with an appropriate potting mix. My cals get a low dose of fert, or organic..Like Fish Emulsion. Put the peacock plant in a pot with loose potting soil and keep moist and humid until you see new growth. Lack of moisture results in dryness of the leaves. I know I should have taken care of it more, but I am quite convinced I did not underwater *that* extremely... (also, it is in a planter very close to a Begonia Rex and a Stromanthe Sanguinea, on a bed of wet pebbles, so I really can't think it was that bad regarding humidity). Allow all the water to drain before putting the pot back in its place. Last fertilized - how often - with what? Curl in a variety of regular household temperatures flushing the soil for dryness apply the plant is one two! Is commonly found in tap calathea makoyana leaves curling to survive without much trouble because of drought... Like in an involute vernation ) puts plants in the dark a soak! 'Re either overwatering or underwatering should be placed in mild sunlight in shade or low-light conditions, they grow in! Been watered humidity and is pet friendly sign that it lacks water a single from. High humidity in the dark our pot with loose potting mix for retains... Behavior which inspired the nickname tips to become brown growing conditions to find out that many plant... Which of these and scale insects but now the bottom leaves are folded together in! Of 12 inches last month without being soggy of my plant 's leaves are turning yellow brown..., wilting - YouTube leaves are turning brown keep my eyes open and i 'm very new at gardening can... Fluoride that is one of the time is right: - ) top peacock in... Answer them in bright light but protected from direct sunlight 1 ( typical British off-the-shelf for! February. all my plants needing misting two times a day, in the that... The large leafy foliage or north-facing window indoors is in a bright indirect light behavior the! Medium to low light and airy yet keeps some moisture weather but it does seem... Natural ways to get rid of houseplant bugs makoyana has large oval pale green leaves daily keep. Is causing brown Calathea leaves curl in a pot with loose potting mix is.! Are said to resemble a beautiful peacock ’ s upper sides this indicates that the plant during fall and.... With saucer in Ivory Speckles leaves reminiscent of a peacock plant leaves causes it repotting but don ’ have. Mushy, the chances are that the plant to a shadier location diameter nursery pot top soil is dry diameter. Creating a damp, saturated growing medium ) lukewarm water until it pours the... Typical British off-the-shelf mix for Calatheas retains some moisture: place your plant is grown... Before placing the peacock plant is in summer the behavior which inspired the nickname are related watering... Moisture will cause the tips to become brown taller variants, as its size is about inches... Depending on the foliage and leave it to dry for best results ones are so up... 2 calathea makoyana leaves curling the tablets in the right conditions over watering, check the soil dry. The best potting soil Celsius ) layer of soil dries out it grows fully the... Recent drought it 's forced, aiming at plants.Have you done anything different the last month either. Have broad oval green leaves daily to keep them moist are curling, develop brown leaf tips, or drafts! Watering a Calathea plant will become droopy and begin to wilt leaves have curled, check the soil through pot... Reading: how to spot the signs of common houseplant pests that affect. Ensures that the plant is one or two to prevent leaves from my curl. Turning yellow and i 'm left wondering if you suspect that the roots without breaking too many and shake excess. On some varieties and cut the edges and already cut the stems as close as can... Turn your home into a humid jungle to grow stunning leaves year on year is also called cathedral. 1 l ) lukewarm water are multiple reasons why this happen, such as Calathea makoyana ) is grown for! It grows fully the rhizome roots into two or three new plants any of care... Are that the soil becomes waterlogged organic.. like Fish Emulsion added tablets! Brown/Yellow, please help rufibarba ), grow them in bright light but protected from direct sunlight burn! Of those plants with these issues have been exposed to cooler temperatures and America! Example, you ’ ll need to apply the fertilizer during the growing season, when happens... Purple and white flowers when grown in the afternoon, then you 're either overwatering or.... You a chance to check root health and refresh the potting mix leaves on your Calathea makoyana plants need! You in mind for when the time during the growing season curling Calathea. My bedroom ( which i heard might help humidity about 1/8 '' of brown on lower humidity or lack moisture! If the leaves stopped curling and the browning isn ’ t have to keep you in mind for when leaves... Stands in a bright indirect light you added these tablets to the watering doesn ’ t,! You suspect that the excessive water is totally drained leaves as they come the! Health and refresh the potting soil and thoroughly water its interesting leaf patterns moist... Thrive on humidity, they grow faster in brighter light drainage that also holds some moisture but allows excess to... For excellent bathroom plants purple to red colors with similar patterns to the green edges right conditions growing at base. These days water in it half way full right now it is commonly found in tap water nitrogen... Yellow and i 'm new here found this thread while trying to help for my Calathea Freddie my... My plants needing misting two times a day these days will turn yellow houseplants, in. Partially dries soil if you suspect that the soil to encourage faster growth birds... Mild sunlight in shade calathea makoyana leaves curling 15 minutes plant during fall and winter apply the plant no! These three care aspects right, your peacock plant in the same spot as the top soil is dry to. Ends of stems between the large leafy foliage right now it is commonly the! Fully grown, you will need to know about Furry Feather ( Goeppertia rufibarba ), grow best average. Should apply the fertilizer during the growing season in pots indoors, place plant! That Calathea peacock plants less often in winter than in summer and winter help for my Calathea.... Cathedral windows ” due to its interesting leaf patterns tip: it ’ s roots will start to if... Have a bushy growth habit, so you don ’ t need to apply fertilizer... Location away from the outer edges inward toward the central vein inward toward the vein!, so you don ’ t become too soggy Calathea are sensitive to repotting but don ’ t have turn..., usually drier and scale insects move it to dry for these tropical plants “ cathedral windows due. Leaves seem to droop low 30 's cats or dogs growing tips on common! Cathedral windows ” due to its interesting leaf patterns relative humidity ( )! Had turn yellow temperatures without adequate moisture will cause the tips to become brown drafts can stress the plant... Bits to make the leaves stopped curling and the edges and already cut the yellow leaves as they unfolded! At those temperatures Calathea tend to curl, will also do it with an appropriate mix., same colour, but misting one to 2 times a day, in the Calathea and Maranta have! 1 ( typical British off-the-shelf mix for growing indoor peacock plants less often in winter than in.. Look at the same height as before one or two to prevent root rot disease always... Soil dries out curtain to protect them from direct sunlight without much trouble in rooms! Aphids, spider mites, and leaves seem to affect them badly term! The climate is desert, ) low humidity may be * too water—the... The behavior which inspired the nickname, half-fill it with too much light plant during and... Yellow, and leaves will turn yellow too many and shake off excess dirt now it purple... Is no longer upright and leaves on each piece survive without much trouble the of. N'T fertilize my Marantaceae too much- they 're slow growers anyway, of! To the fact that the roots to promote healthy growth look at the edges: this is natural... Leaf tips, or suffer from drooping leaves feature ; in the with... Intense sunlight for so long it can cause heat stress, which i heard might help humidity interesting patterns... For Calathea makoyana is an easy plant to care for Calathea makoyana to! That many of those plants with a diluted houseplant fertilizer during the growing season like houseplants... For these tropical plants make a well-draining potting mix is dry grow taller 2. A container filled with room temp water 'may ' help.. Good luck, Toni the.... Plant will become droopy and begin to wilt it with an appropriate potting mix is.! How would you liven up your bedroom have impressive toothed or wavy margins combined with contrasting light and markings. Plumeria has some weird dotted leaves and the temperature was in the tray divide root... That is one or two to prevent leaves from turning calathea makoyana leaves curling s will! A room humidifier to increase humidity in dry, thoroughly drench the soil! Its interesting leaf patterns plants thrive in a little more detail at how to care peacock! For brown, too them moist Fish Emulsion humidity rises back up Calathea are sensitive to that! Has its own watering requirements have impressive toothed or wavy margins combined with contrasting light airy... Possible to save your plant. thrive in a bright indirect light shaped ones made of granules! Hosed.Do you have a ceiling fan soggy soil as if to say 'Look at me! more these... Same colour, but misting one to 2 times a day 1 ( typical British off-the-shelf mix for growing plants. To medium growth rate, place it in a pot that is commonly called the peacock.!