I don't get tangled when I move so I'm not waking up constantly through the night. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED ‘AS IS’ AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME. Used it for 6 day backpacking trip in Cascades. I wish this had that. The storage bag is nice. Overall, this bad is a great summer winner! If I was any taller, it might seem uncomfortably short. Yes, my wife and I just tried it at REI.. and it seemed like it would actually work pretty well. Rustic Axentz Series One Camper Sleeping Bag with Stuff Sack, Maroon, Polyester Shell, Micro Fiber Lining, 40 Degrees, 3lb Fill, Order JBHURF Outdoor Camping Sleeping Bag Outdoor Stitching Double Sleeping Bag Portable Compression Sleeping Bag (Color : Orange), Order JBHURF Outdoor Camping Sleeping Bag Outdoor Stitching Double Sleeping Bag Portable Compression Sleeping Bag (Capacity : 3.0kg, Color : Black and Blue), Buy Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF 0 Degree Sleeping Bag, Order SWEET HONEY HIKING Adult Outdoor Double Sleeping Bag With Compression Sack,Ultra Light Portable Travel Envelope Mummy Sleeping Bag For Camping. Its unique "Spoon Shape" design provides roomy comfort and water-resistant down insulation ensures performance in all conditions. I only use it as a semi-mummynbag when the temps drop. I can't say for sure if the vents did anything but I did have them open and the bag half zipped and was perfectly warm. Temps at night were around 55-65 and the bag was perfect. I should have replaced it a decade ago, but figured even though it really didn't fit- it still kept me warm. For us side and stomach sleepers, though, it’s about the best thing on the market. After using two warmths of a REI brand last year, I found I can't sleep in the mummy design. In summer, I found the bag very roomy and comfortable and would award 5 stars had my experience ended there. The NEMO Disco 30 is a comfortable side sleeper sleeping bag with down filling that promises to keep you warm down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The link below will provide you with additional details on how to care for your bag. Patent # D804,780. I am undecided about this bag as my first serious backpack bag. It has some great features as well. And it compresses down a lot more than my old rectangular bags! I’ve used the 30 degree bag down to 20 degrees with a liner and 15 degree pad and stayed toasty warm. This bag is very roomy so I can always find a cool spot on hot nights. Got this as a summer bag with a little more room to spread out. To be clear, this isn't a cheaply made bag and I'm sure it would hold up well. I started with the Riff 15 but was talked into the Disco 30 when I explained i needed a summer bag. Guess I need a new tent. I did collect moisture on the foot from the condensation on my tent wall but the reinforced foot box kept the down from getting damp. Good quality materials not much else to say. I was able to turn over and still keep the warmth inside. It is a nice improvement overy older bag; lighter, packs smaller, roomier, and better at keeping me warm. Should I get a replacement? The NEMO Men's Disco 15 Sleeping Bag is a lightweight down sleeping bag designed for 3-season backpacking. Often I give up in the middle of the night. We're not sure about that, but we are confident that their Riff 30 is one of the best bags for side sleepers. I used this bad again this past weekend doing some tubing in Wisconsin. The spoon shape is extremely comfortable and makes it easy to change position without twisting the bag all up. Your bag should not be shedding an excessive amount of feathers. is there a vent zipper for the foot box? https://www.moosejaw.com/product/nemo-disco-30-sleeping-bag_10361430 This bag is temperature rated to 30 degrees and has an EN rating of 20.5 degrees. Yes? Time left 4d 17h left. Next. FAST 'N FREE. The shape allowed for more moving around in the bag. There are many goods available on the web that you aren’t able to find in the stores. Patent # D804,780. Loving this thing. Is this Disco 30 Sleeping Bag considered 3-seasons? I’m always cold, so I was happy that this combo was perfect all the way down to 30 - even with frost on the tent fly. This is my first "new school" sleeping bag. I don't camp in anything less than 40 degrees so either bag would be fine. The classic Spoon shape is nice and roomy around the elbows and knees, providing extra wiggle room and comfort for side sleepers, back sleepers, and any other kind of sleeper. The pillow pocket is a dream - fits the Nemo pillow perfectly. I bought this a while ago in anticipation for cold nights for extended backpacking. Thermal gills helped a little but not very noticeable. It was to warm. While this does not have foot box zipper, you'll still be able to vent very close to your feet. However, it was not comfey to sleep in, very restricting, I had to upgrade. The Disco is a Nocturne with added vent gills, and with higher-grade down (+2 oz.) I just bought this bag , long version and only had a chance to use it one weekend. We will have our website updated shortly. They certainly aren't incredibly similar feeling, despite both being very comfort oriented. A special comment on the Blanket Fold which is their solution to draft sealing the larger neck area in this non-mummy bag. I feel I don't need the advantages of the Disco. It would work great if you use a jacket or cloths as a pillow. The goofy little vent things worked better than expected. Used it camping this last weekend and it was night and day. I got this for a last minute trip when looking for a new bag. I did some research and came across the Nemo bags that are designed for people who sleep like me. This sleeping bag features a full length side zipper that has a two way slider pull. My wife bought the women's version and only gets a a few feathers. Nemo modifies the mummy design of traditional sleeping bags with its … I'm 6'3", 200 lbs so I purchased the Long version and it works perfectly. This bag can accommodate someone who is 6'4". There are, however, two separate foot boxes because the zipper only extends about 70-80% of the way down. Note; I’m a hot sleeper and I was comfy through a chilly Montana night. NEMO - Disco 30 With a unique Spoon™ shape adding room at the elbows and knees and integrated Thermo Gills™ for temperature management, the NEMO Disco 30 men’s sleeping bag is perfect for side sleeping and personalized comfort for a great night’s sleep. Perfect! Lightweight, warm, and a great design. I purchased this because the temperature rating, fill / materials, size, and pack weight and size seemed to make sense. Why would one spend $100 more to get a bag that has the same size, weight, rating and features? Shopping on the web is getting more and more trendy and a lot of consumers are now buying this product from online stores. The Nemo Disco 30 is designed in the semi-rectangle shape that allows side sleepers to get to their desired and comfortable sleeping posture. The nylon material seemed very flimsy to me at first, but the more I laid in it and compared it to other bags this light, the more the material seemed to be durable enough for me. If you're a cold, side (or tummy) sleeper looking for a backpacking sleeping bag, don't get a regular mummy sleeping bag and instead check out Nemo's Riff and Disco models. I pulled the trigger on this after looking at bags for 3 years and when I bought it I couldn't believe I had spent that much money on a sleeping bag, but IT WAS WORTH IT. 1 color available. $479.95 - $812.05. The Disco is a good bag in that it provides more room for side sleepers. The overnight temps were approximately low 40s (I think the first morning waking up naturally at 05:30 was mid 30s (based on the temp in my car while letting the engine warm up). I am buying another for my son. I'm looking at a new sleeping bag and I've heard good things about the Nemo spoon shaped ones. The regular bag is listed for 6', If im 6'1"-6'2" would I be able to make to regular size work? Thanks. REI site lists the shoulder girth at 60"? Depending on where you will be backpacking, this makes a great three-season sleeping bag. The phone pocket was a perfect fit for the iPhone 6S and kept my battery from draining overnight. I expected to be more durable than that. Overall, the bag is good enough that I'm thinking of buying another. This model is about as un-mummy-bag feeling as you can get while remaining light enough to take backpacking. ​This sleeping bag does not have sleeping pad attachment loops. However, the stuff sack measures 17 x 9 inches for reference. Additionally, the Riff is narrower at the shoulders. The other good thing is it compresses smaller than advertised. You are about to purchase the item below – Nemo Men’s Disco 30-Degree Insulated Down Sleeping Bag If you are viewing this post then you are most likely trying to find the Nemo Men’s Disco 30-Degree Insulated Down Sleeping Bag and are probably asking yourself how to get the best deal. No longer focused on saving ounces, I thought I could spare a few grams to gain comfort. Had it down to 35° and was plenty warm. Qualified orders eligible for FREE S&H and FREE RETURNS. I tent & sleep with a bag unzipped, open unless it's < 40 degrees. I used this bag over the weekend for the first time and it was awesome. Tried this out for the first time on 30 degree F night on a Thermarest Neoair Xtherm on an REI quarter dome 2 (which is mostly screen for the tent body). The Nemo Disco 30 Sleeping Bag has all the groovy features you're looking for in a warm weather sleeping bag. The NEMO Disco 15 (updated for 2019/2020) is a spoon-shaped three-season down sleeping bag for camping and backpacking that has more elbow and knee room than a traditional mummy bag. ), and I went with a waterproof e-vent because of the down. Perfect. This bag doesn't have an "EN comfort" rating listed, however the women's version (Rave 30) has an EN comfort rating listed at 30.3 deg F. How does this bag compare? First of all, the shape is all wrong. Very disappointed. Warm light and very comfortable. If you are over 6 feet tall, a long bag will allow you proper warmth and comfort in all sleeping positions. I’ve had it for about 6 months, through a fall, winter, and into spring in the southern appalachians. Bag is extremely warm and cozy. When browsing for such reviews and this includes the Nemo Men’s Disco 30-Degree Insulated Down Sleeping Bag reviews, you need to be watchful to choose which reviews to believe. 全体の70%ほどの人が横向きの姿勢で寝ているのにも関わらず、一般的なマミー型のシュラフはそれに合わせた形状にはなっていません。 What are the EN Temp Ratings for this bag. The Disco 15 is neither the lightest nor the most expensive 15-degree bag … Huge bonus that it’s light weight and packs down into a medium compression sac. Secondly, the zipper is poorly aligned - you have to completely open up the entire zipper to get in and out of bag. I'm a side and stomach sleeper, so after several years of struggling with a mummy bag I finally decided that there had to be a better option. There is no need to be caught in a rainstorm. Please bring your Disco 30 to an REI location or give us a call at 1-800-426-4840 so we can discuss your options. My experience is with a NEMO Nocture 30 (an earlier model) but the Disco 30 and Nocture 30 are very similar bags. My experience is with a NEMO Nocture 30 (an earlier model) but the Disco 30 and Nocture 30 are very similar bags. Good question! Bag is soft and lightweight. I got the long and it’s perfect (I’m 6’1” and 215 lbs). On nights in the 40’s with the liner I got warm and the vents dumped a little heat, but the width of the bag makes it drape really well and the collar is great for snuggling up so I just unzipped the bag and stuck my leg out when I started heating up. This is the best bag I’ve used. This is an incredibly comfortable and warm bag. Press enter for more information. I thought it was new. If you’re a cold sleeper move up to the 15. It fits me perfectly if I lay flat on my stomach with toes streched out. I bought this on sale last summer after consultation with store personnel (Ll of whom seemed to owned Nemo bags by the way). Why be constrained to a mummy bag? Lest any dudes out there feel slighted, Nemo also makes a men’s version of this sleeping bag. Really comfortable bag, used it on a 10 day trip in Colorado camping at 11,000 ft near Vail. I'm a side sleeper of course and feel claustrophobic in normal bags. Kelty Galactic 30 Sleeping Bag: 30F Down - Women's. If you are viewing this post then you are most likely trying to find the Nemo Men’s Disco 30-Degree Insulated Down Sleeping Bag and are probably asking yourself how to get the best deal. sale $77.97 - $129.95 up to 35% off. It's just really poorly designed and goes out of its way to be uncomfortable and nonsensical. NEMO Equipment Inc. Disco 15 Sleeping Bag: 15F Down. No more will your pillow slide across your tent while you try to sleep. $99.95 - $159.95. Never dawned on me I would be moving in opposite directions. Light, compact. It packs well, seems well made, and is light and has a couple nice features (like the pocket pillow). Do this bag have pad straps to keep the sleep pad in place? According to Nemo, they say that 70% of people are side sleepers and that traditional mummy-style sleeping bags are incompatible with side sleepers. I bout this bag about 5 months ago and have spend between 20 and 30 nights using it camping or backpacking. Will this bag zip together with the women's Rave 30? One of the advantages of shopping on the internet is the convenience. I did use a liner which made it even warmer. Thus, I take away two stars as this bag is not nearly as warm as specified. This bag (like most) has an ill defined bottom which can result in me twisting it around myself and the hood ending up in the wrong orientation. I use this for car camping so I was ok with a bag that's a little heavier. In general, the higher the fill count and lighter the weight, the more expensive a sleeping bag is going to be. No visible tears. Trying the bag in the store it kept falling on my face and I figured I’d hate it but in practice it’s awesome. The shoulder girth is 66" for long and 64" for regular. NEMO - Disco 30 - Men's Updated with new contours, the NEMO Disco 30 continues to reign as the ideal down backpacking bag for side-sleepers, offering the plushest comfort possible on the trail. Disco 30 Sleeping Bag If you're the type who likes dancing in their sleep, you might want to give the Disco 30 a closer look. Opposite-sided zippers on Disco™ Men's and Women's models increase versatility by allowing them to be zipped together into a double sleeping bag. Protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty. It loses some feathers, but I’ve never seen a down product that didn’t and it seems to be a normal amount. Other then that it's great. 4.7 out of 5 stars 16 ratings. I have had this down to 15 at night with a blanket over it. Lots of leg and knee room. ... New Listing Marmot Plasma 30 Reg sleeping bag perfect condition 1.6 lbs free shipping. It does not make me feel claustrophobic. I am 6'-0" tall and 180 lbs. Also, the zip snags way too much. Is it possible to see a picture of it in the smaller backpacking stuff sack? The Nemo Disco 30 offers comfort for folks who like to sleep on their tummy, their sides, with bent knees, or simply don't like to feel the constraints of a traditional mummy bag. Many nights in the low 20’s with just a T-shirt on. Be careful not to unzip the zippers too far or they will come off the track and it’s a pain to get them back together. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Nemo Men's Disco 30-Degree Insulated Down Sleeping Bag, Key Lime/Deep Sea, Long at Amazon.com. Can someone tell me in practical terms what size this thing packs down to? Nemo Tempo Sleeping Bag (20, 30, 50 Degree) 4.5 out of 5 stars 33. I sleep cold and rotisserie sleep which is why I picked this bag. or would the long be recommended? But reading the tags attached to the bag, it indicates it comes with a "Compression Stuff Sack, cotton storage bag." It was bulky, heavy, but did a good job. You can be dry and still get the merchandise you are searching for. Definitely consider this as a potential if you are in the market for a new sleeping bag. + 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. I recently purchased the Nemo Disco 30 sleeping bag. The end result is a spoon-shaped sleeping bag that has way more room for side sleeping, tummy sleeping, and restless all-over-the-place sleeping. The cotton storage bag is designed to store the sleeping bag for extended periods of time. ​Thank you for calling this to our attention. I should have been warm. Takes up about a similar space as a gallon milk jug, could go smaller if you really worked it. Mar 4, 2017 - Offering extra space at the elbows and knees to accommodate side sleepers, the 650-fill-power down NEMO Disco 30 sleeping bag features Thermo Gills that unzip to … I sleep hot and on my side or stomach. CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE COMES FROM AMAZON SERVICES LLC. The pillow pocket is irreplaceable. Great bag, I loved it. Thank you for stopping by our website. Out of the box, this bag is extremely light weight. I expected colder temps but only got to low 50's. Bought this bag 5 days ago for my yearly camping excursion up on the north shore of Minnesota. It has the cotton storage bag, but have not found the 'Compression Stuff Sack." The waterproof / breathable footbox protects against tent wall condensation to keep your feet warm and dry. Hopefully you discovered something that sparked interest on our website. $250.00. Save nemo sleeping bag to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. With a unique Spoon shape adding room at the elbows and knees and integrated Thermo Gills for temperature management, the NEMO Disco 3-season men's sleeping bag is perfect for side sleeping and personalized comfort. Shopping can be done anywhere and anytime of day. I contacted NEMO who basically says "your results may vary". The regular fits me perfectly and there is plenty of room in the shoulder area to move my arms around. It’s still the best bag I’ve ever used and I’m still giving it 5 Stars. The Disco 30 is a men's sleeping bag from Nemo.. With a comfort temperature of 0°, this bag is designed to provide you with the warmth you need for your 3-season excursions.It is made from down with a fill power of 650 cuins and treated with a waterproof treatment to protect against the wet. This is the best sleeping bag I own. For the Disco 30, regular size, the Nemo site lists the shoulder girth at 64". It doesn't fit the natural shape of the male body - fit, fat, or otherwise. Nemo Sonic 800-Fill Down Sleeping Bag 4.2 out of 5 stars 11. The side zipper doesn't appear to go all the way down to the feet, and my feet run hot overnight, so I wan't to be able to cool them somehow. I usually wear a beanie and put my arm under the pillow so the hood really works as an arm warmer for me anyway so it’s not a problem. 30 degree vs. 15 degree sleeping bag (Nemo Disco) on the PCT Question I will be hiking on the PCT for a month next year (or the year after if I'm not able to), starting around May 20th, from Kennedy Meadows to South Lake Tahoe, so essentially all of the Sierras. As a side sleeper I love the shape and dimensions. Based on your height, we recommend the long sleeping bag. ​Fully compressed, this sleeping bag measures 11 x 7.5 inches. The Riff will compress to 5.3 liters and the Disco to 6 liters. Sleeping bag appeared to have been used before albeit I purchased full price. This Nemo Spoon bag is amazing, super comfortable makes camping much more pleasurable. The Nemo Riff 30 is a spoon-shaped sleeping bag. Shop for a wide selection of sleeping bags, How exciting! This is by far one of my favorites I've had a mummy bag made by Outdoor Vitals for 10 years. Riff uses 800 fill is only 1oz lighter. Crawled in it, layed on my side with knees bent. You can see their manuals here [PDF]. I like what I see so far. I get that it's not supposed to be a mummy bag, but there's no reason to have it be wide at feet, and then get narrower at hip level, only to bulge out again between hips and shoulders, and then narrow at shoulders. I wore two pairs of clean and dry long johns, a long sleeve top plus thick fleece, thick wool socks and wool cap. Nemo's spoon shape provides more room at the knees and elbows, which allows people to shift positions smoother throughout the night. The shape is everything I ever wanted. Price: CDN$ 540.12 - CDN$ 1,023.93: Color: Celestial/Moonglade Size : Select. The Disco 30 is lighter weight than it 15 degree rated sibling, meaning less pack weight so you don't have to stop (hiking) 'til you get enough. I had always bought rectangular sleeping bags because the mummy bags made me feel cramped and almost claustrophobic. I would recommend the bag if it were warm enough. I really like this shape of bag. My issue was that it failed to keep me warm in the fall on three successive nights when outside temperatures were cold but not so cold as to freeze water in camp. NEMO's unique spoon shape gives this bag more room at the elbows and knees, so you're free to roll around, do a little jig, or sleep on your side. ... Kelty Galactic 30 Sleeping Bag: 30F Down - Women's. My REI mummy bag has a stiff zipper block but I can't stand mummy bags. I’m 6ft tall, 210 lbs, and broad shouldered. 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BUY NEMO Equipment Disco 30 Sleeping Bag - Men's. I've been sleeping in the same synthetic bag since middle school. It is an item definetly needed when packing. It's almost as good as sleeping in my own bed. Finally, the top flap makes no sense and is just an annoying piece of material which interferes with your face when you try to sleep. The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 700 3-Season feels mor… A success, very comfortable. Its thermal retention and draft management features add to its versatility, and several well-designed small features make for a bag that contributes to restful sleep. The higher fill rating in the NEMO Riff allows the bag to compress smaller than the Disco. I love the hood which has the added advantage of cutting out the morning light. Its Spoon shape offers additional space at the knees and elbows for unrestricted movement, while the responsibly sourced moisture-resistant 3-season down combines with Thermo Gills™ and a ventilated footbox for awesome temperature regulation and warmer feet. I’m 5’9” and the long was perfect. I did have to buy a separate compression sack since it only comes with stuff sacks (two of them, why??? Yes, the NEMO Rave 30 is the women's equivalent.​. There are two thermogills on the upper surface of the bag that allows the internal heat out if necessary and also prevents cold air from getting in. I have literally woken up completely twisted up, struggling to get out. This bag is incredible! Unlike traditional mummy bags that taper from head to toe, this bag is shaped more like a broad hourglass. $299.95 . Bought this last spring and have used all winter. My question is: is the down version worth the extra $110? Their spoon-shaped design allows greater room around your legs and shoulders without sacrificing warmth, which solves the problem for cold, side (or tummy) sleepers. The stuff sack size of 17 x 9 seems giant, that can't be compressed, and I don't know what 6 liters looks like in the real world. Overall build quality is spectacular, and it fits into a 5 liter stuff sack which is great for backpacking. All things considered what the difference between the two? This design is game changing for side and stomach sleepers! disco™30 - nemo ディスコ30 商品情報 nemo スリーピングバッグ. $229.95. Yet it still has plenty of room for you to move around inside the bag. This bag is roomy, warm, and soft. And with the NEMO Disco 15, they took a tried-and-true concept — like the mummy sleeping bag — and turned it on its head. This bag by Nemo combines the best of both worlds the heat retention that a mummy bag offers. You can stay indoor on a freezing day in the comfort and warmth of your home. As far as the roomyness of the bag, it is very roomy for side sleepers. so I ordered the Tall bag for the added length. The Disco uses 650-fill Nikwax hydrophobic down insulation (800 fill in the Riff), which is also a difference that makes it 4 ounces heavier. You may also find special deals on goods only if purchased online. Everything looks good. It fits like two separate layers of material - a bottom piece and top piece, not a sleeping bag. I’m a side sleeper, and turn over several times each night. The Nemo Fillo is an exact fit, but blown up I can’t fit my head in the hood. I am very pleased with my purchase I have always enjoyed Nemo’s products. ©2020 The Sleeping Bag Store It probably only dipped into the low 50s at night on my first trip, but with the two chest vents open, I slept like a baby. This NEMO bag is incredible. Suggest to go to check out the 15 instead. What is the cotton storage bag that is attached to the storage bag used for (or how to use it)? Side-sleeping down bag lovers rejoice - the Nemo Disco 30 Sleeping Bag is here. Designed for summer or warm weather sleeping, the NEMO Men's Disco 30 Degree sleeping bag balances performance and price. Oh, and it's lighter than my previous bag as well which is always a good feature! I wish the zipper near the foot box zipped down further. Hands down amazing! A built-for-women sleeping bag has innovations to increase comfort, breathability, and water resistance. The only thing that sucks is the zipper gets zipped up on the fabric. NEMO Jazz 20-Degree Sleeping Bag 4.4 out of 5 stars 8. Protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty. Clever features like a pillow pocket and what I assume is a mobile phone pocket near the top of the main zipper make this a great, modern workhorse for me. It might be a little cold for a 20-30 degree night, but with some baselayer clothing it should be very comfortable down to these temperatures. Cheers! I should have paid a little more attention to the zipper side vs. the tent opening. Used 2 nights like new ultralite 900 fill down bag. That was a good thing. Remember, I do sleep hot so keep that in mind with my temp references. Nemo Men's Disco 30-Degree Insulated Down Sleeping Bag by Nemo. I would love to love this bag - but NEMO won't allow it. I just used this bag for three consecutive nights camping in Zion National Park in UT. When you are hunting for a product to buy on the web, one of the points that you tend to do is that you attempt to search for reviews on that item. Plenty of room to move around. I mean it’s a sleeping bag. I don't backpack, so the 3 oz difference won't be that beneficial. How exciting! However, the sleeping bag is poorly designed and just doesn't make sense. Maybe next to a nalgene for size reference? Plus my beautiful girlfriend bought the Nemo Rave 30 Women's bag, and they zip together! I was still a little warm sleeping in the 40's, but I'm sure the thermal hills helped a bit. Debating between this or the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 700 3-Season? Compare that to the Nemo Nocturne 30, which measures 64″, 60″, 68″ (shoulder/hip/foot box) and you can see just how different the Nocturne 30’s spoon shape is from a mummy sleeping bag. Which compresses smaller the Riff or the Disco? Seems well constructed. It was great at the time but was just an okay experience. Been through a few zero bags and nothing is as comfortable as this. What is the difference between the Riff and The Disco? The extra space from the spoon shape does make the area around the knees lose heat, but I just shove my puffy down around my legs and it’s just as warm as any close fitting mummy bag. The cotton bag for storage/in the garage, etc., is also a need and provided. Hard bag to get a hold of but mine finally showed up. I went to REI tried out a few bags and loved how comfey the Nemo bag was. I am a side sleeper and this bag was a game changer. According to Nemo, 70% of people sleep on their sides. Everything about this bag is great. Pre-Owned. 5 5 out of 5 stars from 2 reviews 5 2. than the Riff. Built with a spoon shape, the Disco 30 features ample space at the knees and elbows, perfect for those who are more comfortable sleeping on their sides or stomach. Got a little cool at night with some frost and the bag was just fine even with a breeze coming through the tent. Some dimensions would be fantastic. The NEMO Disco 15 in camp, pictured with the NEMO Dagger 2P tent. I'm 5'8", 210lb, 'active' side sleeper;move a lot during sleep and get hot.