In California, humane officers must be employed by a humane society or SPCA. Contact your local humane organization or animal … Humane officers investigate situations of animal abuse and neglect as well as enforce anti-neglect and anti-cruelty laws. To learn more, download a description of qualifications, experience and skills required to become a Special Provincial Constable (PDF) with the BC SPCA. To become an animal control officer, you’ll take courses such as animal first aid, public relations, document procedures, and evidence collection as you begin your education. For more information about the ASPCA contact them directly at www.aspca… Should an opening become available, the job opportunity will be posted on our website. There are several certifications that will enhance the qualifications of animal control officers, along with animal cruelty investigators and humane … Some become law enforcement officers. Becoming an ASPCA official is the best way to do this. Before becoming certified, many future Animal Control officers begin working in fields closely related to Animal Control. Please vist our Humane Officer … Once you become an ASPCA officer you will have the due right ensure the safety of the animals from the wrong persons who tend to mistreat them. Their responsibilities mean they need to be well-trained to handle a wide variety of animals, both domestic and wild. Others work in veterinary clinics, animal shelters or other animal care facilities. To become an ASPCA officer, it is necessary that they pass a series of examinations related to the job. At present only the people residing at New York are eligible for becoming an ASPCA officer, as it is the only state with enforcement of humane … By following these steps you can begin the process to becoming an ASPCA officer. The … Currently, we employ 37 Special Provincial Constables throughout the province. The more experience you have, the more likely you are to be hired once you become … Some places have animal control officers that perform duties similar to humane law enforcement officers. Combating animal cruelty is a collaborative effort on the part of law enforcement, prosecutors, veterinarians, animal welfare professionals and community members—each of us can do our … These exams will evaluate the investigation skills as well as the knowledge of … If you want to get the position, it is important to prepare all the requirements including a high school diploma, a driver's license as well as a proof of … The ASPCA is an organization with the ability to affect change in the community. Animal control officers fill an important role in upholding public and animal safety. If you're interested in animals and law enforcement, you could also consider becoming an investigator for a humane society, a dog warden, a park ranger, a game warden, or a wildlife conservation officer. How to Become an ASPCA Officer. Any animal control officer, police officer, or appropriate law enforcement agent can issue a summons upon witnessing a violation.