You may see some unrefined coconut oils labeled “cold pressed,” which means that no heat was involved during its extraction. This makes coconut oil ideal for use in recipes like vegan biscuits or pie crusts, in which the use of solid fat helps create a light and flaky product. She loves baking, cooking, writing, listening to music, dancing, playing and hosting trivia, watching college basketball (Go Marquette! While Virgin (unrefined) Coconut Oil boasts a delicious, tropical coconut scent and flavor, Refined Coconut Oil has a neutral scent and flavor. Generally, unrefined coconut oil comes from the very first time the fresh, raw coconut is pressed. Unrefined coconut oil can be dry or wet extracted, while refined coconut oil undergoes some additional processing steps. Both refined and unrefined coconut oils have the same nutritional benefits. The dried coconut meat is called copra. Organic Coconut Oil, Refined . Still, you can use unrefined coconut oil for cooking, although you may need to cook at a lower temperature for a longer period of time. Taste of Home is America's #1 cooking magazine. Next, one or more of the following steps may occur, depending on the manufacturing process (5): While the resulting coconut oil is more highly processed, it has a higher smoke point of 400–450°F (204–232°C), making it more suitable for high temperature cooking. Refined oil also has less coconut flavor compared to … A difference between refined and unrefined coconut oil is how the oil is processed. Due to it being unrefined, its smoke point is 280 degrees Fahrenheit, which is lower than refined coconut oil smoke point of 365 degrees Fahrenheit. For instance, the oil is a popular choice for people on the low carb, high fat keto diet, as it contains small amounts of potentially fat-burning MCT oil (1). Coconut oil can be used to clean and polish various surfaces around the home and is a natural, effective beauty product! However, there are certain applications for which one type may be better suited than the other. Here are some examples. This article explains everything you need to know about coconut oil and hair: why you might want to try it, how to use it and more. Here are the biggest benefits to using unrefined vs. refined coconut oil. Spectrum Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil is filled with the rich taste and aroma of fresh coconut, making it a delicious partner for baking and spreads. In fact, we only buy refined coconut oil over here. Because the drying process can produce toxins and bacteria, the copra is purified using bleaching clays, chemicals, and/or high heat. Skip to main content. Home / Uncategorized / Refined Vs. Unrefined Coconut Oil. Meanwhile, for unrefined coconut oil, you can find these products labeled as “virgin.” Sometimes, they are said to be “extra virgin” even though there really isn’t a difference between the two terms. To name a few…. Spectrum Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil. It can also be used for health, beauty, skin, hair, weight loss and many others. Love a coconut flavor and scent? However, if you prefer unrefined coconut oil and don’t mind the flavor, its lower smoke point is unlikely to affect the quality of baked goods, as the food itself won’t reach such high temperatures, even in an oven set higher than 350°F (177°C). © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. It has a neutral flavor so you barely taste the coconut at all. For people on keto, either type is generally fine given their very similar nutrient profiles (7, 8). Unrefined coconut oil will only work as a substitute for refined coconut oil if you are cooking over a low heat since it has a low smoke point. Go with unrefined. Each type likewise contains similar ratios of MCTs, lauric acid, and saturated and unsaturated fats (4, 7, 8, 9). They are produced from dried copra, not fresh coconuts, and the oil typically undergoes various levels of processing, including being deodorized and bleached. Refined coconut oil is "dry milled," meaning the coconuts have been baked prior to the oil being extracted. MCT oil is a popular supplement used to aid fat loss and to increase energy. The main difference between virgin and regular coconut oil is the amount of refining the oil undergoes. In refined oil, these have been completely removed, which is why it is odorless and flavorless. The smoke point of refined coconut oil is 450 degrees F, while the smoke point of unrefined oil is 350 degrees F; cooking oils become unhealthy and unsafe to use once they reach their smoke point and should be thrown out. According to an article in the SFGate, some brands use sodium hydroxide as a preservative, and may use other chemicals to get as much oil out of the meat as possible. This is a detailed article about coconut oil and its health benefits. Fractionated coconut oil is different from regular coconut oil, and it has several health benefits and uses. Refined coconut oil is mostly flavorless and has a higher smoke point than unrefined coconut oil. Regardless, either type of coconut oil is a great vegan alternative to butter in baking applications, as they’re both solid at room temperature. Although you can use refined coconut oil for this if the smell of the unrefined variety bothers you, unrefined coconut oil may be a better choice, as it’s less processed and therefore likely to be more gentle on your skin and hair. Unrefined coconut oil, typically labeled as “virgin” or “pure,” has a tropical coconut taste and scent because it’s made from cold-pressed fresh coconut meat. As we mentioned above: the most versatile coconut oil is refined coconut oil. All rights reserved. Refined coconut oil is mostly flavorless and has a … However, it is slowly gaining popularity in the western world, owing to its multiple uses apart from cooking. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Unrefined . Refined vs. Unrefined Coconut Oil. What Is Refined Coconut Oil? This is because it’s made from coconut meat that’s filtered and dried before being pressed into oil. Love a coconut flavor and scent? 6 Whole Milk Substitutes for Cooking and Baking, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents, Helps with food digestion and eliminates toxic bacteria in the gut, Increases levels of “good” HDL cholesterol and decreases levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, Protects against UV rays, making it a natural sunblock (don’t use it instead of sunscreen, though—look for a. Refined coconut oil has 450-degrees Fahrenheit smoke point while the unrefined coconut oil has 350-degrees smoke point. Refined vs Unrefined Coconut oil Archived. Coconut oil remains an essential cooking oil in India today. Unrefined coconut oil is not exposed to high heat, so it retains its natural odor and flavor. It will also give your dishes a strong coconut flavor, so you may want to reserve it for recipes that can benefit from it. Spectrum coconut oil is USDA certified organic, unrefined and cold-pressed, to help ensure it retains as much of its natural goodness as possible. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. All If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. The uses for coconut oil go way beyond just cooking. Though coconut oil is commonly criticized for being a fatty oil, it actually offers tons of health benefits. The major difference between refined and unrefined coconut oil is how they’re produced, which in turn affects some of their physical properties like flavor and smoke point. Coconut oil is said to aid weight loss, but you may wonder whether there's any science to back up this claim. Refined coconut oil, on the other hand, is neutral. It has no distinct coconut … It has no distinct coconut taste or aroma. This plant-based fat has some properties that other cooking oils don’t, such as that it comprises mostly saturated fat, making it solid at room temperature rather than liquid. Then the oil is "bleached" to kill off microbes and remove any dust particles and insects. So, it truly all comes down to usage and taste preference. For example, people on minimally processed diets, such as paleo or clean eating, unrefined coconut oil would be the best option because it’s the least processed. Because of unrefined coconut oil’s strong coconut taste and scent, refined coconut oil may be a better choice for baking. It’s ideal for high heat cooking, such as stir-frying and sautéing. This is because it’s made from coconut meat that’s filtered and dried before being pressed into oil. You might know that coconut oil is good for you, but you may not know how much to take or how to eat it. It has a smoke point of 488–520°F (253–271°C) and a mild, nutty aroma that’s often a good complement to fried or sautéed foods (10). You can use virgin coconut oil if you love a coconut flavor in your recipes. How to Eat Coconut Oil, and How Much Per Day? Refined … 14 FL OZ, 29 FL OZ, 54 FL OZ. Refined coconut oil, sometimes referred to as deodorized or bleached, has undergone a process of drying the coconut, which is typically done outside in the sun. ), telling lame jokes, and petting every dog that crosses her path. Nutritional Differences Between Refined and Unrefined Coconut Oil. Both refined and unrefined coconut oils have the same nutritional benefits. Here are 10 ways that coconut oil can improve your health. It won’t be a good alternative to refined coconut oil for high-heat dishes or foods where the coconut flavor would be out of place. It begins with pressing crude coconut oil from copra. These terms are commonly used when referring to oil, but what exactly do they mean and what is the difference between refined and unrefined oil? Refined is your best bet. What’s the best way to use refined vs unrefined coconut oil? Unrefined coconut oil is often referred to as virgin or pure coconut oil since it hasn’t been adulterated or chemically treated in any way. Unrefined coconut oil is solid at room temperature and has a strong coconut flavor and scent, which it can impart onto foods that include it. MCT Oil 101: A Review of Medium-Chain Triglycerides. Prefer your oil unflavored and unscented? Regardless, because of their similar nutrient content, both refined and unrefined coconut oils are great sources of healthy fat.