Whether you’re a student or a teacher, GCSE Guide will save you hours of time with quality resources. GCSE Chemistry Revision notes 2020/2021 All copyright and publishing rights are owned by S-cool. T: 01604 931139. (General revision guidance, including advice on constructing a revision timetable and … Search resources: Filter ... PDF | 145 KB. revision notes for more information. E: info@woottonparkschool.org.uk GCSE Specification and Revision Notes Last Modified: 10/04/2015 The left column is the complete Edexcel Mathematics A (1MA0) specification. Perfect for students. REVISE Edexcel GCSE Business Revision Workbook (REVISE Edexcel GCSE Business09) ISBN 978- 1446903736 Title Microsoft Word - Year 11 Revision Sites and Resources-3.docx TASK 9: Match up the French and the English 1. GCSE revision of French synonyms with a colour match worksheet and answers. En jouant régulièrement, on saméliore plus vite. Free Chemistry revision notes created by teachers for the Edexcel GCSE (9-1) course. Free delivery! Food. Please remember that the point of revision is to reinforce what you already know and to find out and then learn what you don’t know. GCSE French learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organised by topic. Now you’ve condensed your class notes you need to memorise them. Throw away those boring revision guides and use interactive GIFs, practice questions, mock exams, quizzes, videos and animations to prepare yourself. Blank revision timetable for weeks when students are on holiday. Revision Timetable Templates. Year 11 Revision Techniques. GCSE revision notes. GCSE Biology GCSE Business Studies GCSE Chemistry GCSE English Language GCSE English Literature GCSE Food Tech GCSE French GCSE Geography GCSE History GCSE ICT GCSE Law GCSE Maths GCSE Media Studies GCSE Music GCSE PE GCSE Physics GCSE Politics GCSE Psychology GCSE RS GCSE Sociology GCSE 9-1 (14-16) AQA 9-1 GCSE History; CIE GCSE History; ... KS3 (11-14) KS3 Topic 1; KS3 Topic 2; KS3 Topic 3; KS3 Topic 4; KS3 Topic 5; KS3 Topic 6; KS3 Topic 7; Membership; Resources; Login; History Revision Notes Browse our collection of detailed revision notes covering events used in many exam topics. Summer 2021 Adaptations Update: Summary of assessment sheets have been removed from this page as these adaptations were published prior to the Welsh Government’s announcement that there will be no summer exams for GCSE, AS and A level qualifications. During the topic try to learn ten new words a day.Ask someone to test you on the words: you need to be able to spell the words properly so remember to write them down when being tested. Food is an essential part of French culture and France is famous for its strong culinary tradition. First created in 2000 and updated in 2013, 2015 & 2020. Create colourful, engaging revision aids using the array of included revision stationery. Using the guide It may help you to place a blank piece of paper over the answers. Contact us: admin@gcecompilation.com. ISBN 9781292133782 7. Answers are included. A colour-match activity sheet where students find the pairs of French words or synonyms and colour code them. Make a list of any issues so you can seek help from your teacher when you return to school. French cuisine is well known for its freshness and high quality dishes. See all the resources at Save My Exams made by our resident experts. Great for GCSE and A level revision. For even more GCSE French revision resources, follow the link to check out our very own revision guide, which is packed full of tips and tricks, grammar, and practice questions! Popular articles Resilience: Lessons from the School of Life History AQA GCSE (9-1) 'My Revision Notes' Hodder Education ISBN 978-1-5104-0404-5 GCSE French Revision Any published GCSE revision booklets specifically made for AQA Welcome to the Year 11 Revision Area. Important information regarding your subjects with subject specific revision techniques. There is also a section for practice by Topic area. Drink plenty of water while you revise and avoid foods that are high in sugar and refined carbohydrates: you’ll get a sugar low and feel tired following the rise in blood sugar and the subsequent drop in insulin levels. GCSE/IGCSE Revision Notes. Stick post-it notes next to the bathroom mirror/on the fridge! Started by: mr8 Forum: Career sectors and graduate employment Replies: 1541 Arrange your revision material You will have your own notes from books and essays with your teacher's feedback, as well as any handouts and other photocopies and references. Also, have a look at our new French learning series on YouTube, which includes pronunciation guides on key, basic vocab. Plan out your GCSE French revision timetable. These get results. Easy and addictive learning. Il faut sexercer un peu pour être en Example of a good revision timetable. A Level French Revision Notes; G. GCSE French Revision Notes; I. IB French Revision Notes; U. Use it wherever you have time to spare, eg registration, break, etc. Well done for making it this far. Memorise! GCSE French Revision Resources. you . This revise aqa gcse 9 1 french revision cards with free online revision guide revise aqa gcse mfl 16, as one of the most keen sellers here will extremely be along with the best options to review. 1 Contents The guide is pocket-sized to make it easy to carry. GCSE French AQA – Revision Content. A few items I have created, either because they weren [t explicitly referenced in the specification (e.g. Revision books Purchase a revision book, specifically the ‘Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Geography B Revision Guide’ published by Pearson around £6. biology ,chemistry, physics, english, kiswahili, history, geography, history, comp, business, mathematics, cre , ire Blank revision timetable for weeks when students are at school. ... Gcecompilation.com is an initiative taken with the aim to compile the best O & A Level Notes, Revision Guides, Tips, Videos and Websites from all around the world at one place. to learn information. Teaching slides: prepositions - notes - travel and tourism Published 9 Apr 2015 ... PDF | 208 KB. You can easily print off weekly planners for free from the internet. Make mind maps, condense notes and produce flashcards – whatever works best for . aside time every week to do some revision at home. Retrieve your class code from your tutor. Browse Study Rocket's GCSE French AQA free revision notes. You will also need textbooks, past exam papers etc. A few items I have merged together (where there was duplication). The free GCSE French revision site from Seneca covers all vocabulary, tenses and grammar you need to ace that exam. Make sure that you have learned all the necessary words after you complete each topic.. You could draw a mind map or create a database on your PC. 3. GCSE; French (8658) Teaching resources; Teaching resources. Encourages active revision- essential to exam success. All Subjects. Share on Facebook. 0 new posts ; Big 4 Graduate Schemes 2021. The blog at FreeBooksHub.com highlights newly available free Kindle books along with … Spanish GCSE Revision Help 2016-2017 (JHK: Version 2) MFL GCSE SPANISH REVISION SOURCES 1. www.spanishrevision.co.uk Click on GCSE link to find an exam practice section with links to vocabulary, grammar, Listening and Reading exam practice (at both Foundation and Higher levels). FREE Biology revision notes created by the expert teachers at SAVE MY EXAMS for the AQA GCSE (9-1) syllabus. GCSE Mathematics Revision Worksheets [PDF] 0. Refine. GCSE French Qualification Page. Recommended Revision Guides Art and Photography: All resources are on Google Classroom or Art Google Student drive. Refine. Note: we are aiming to eventually cover all GCSE topics but, right now, our focus has been on providing a comprehensive set of revision notes, exam booklets, quiz questions and past papers specifically for GCSE … GCSE; French (8658) Teaching resources; Teaching resources. This page is a revision 'hub' for Year 11s to access at home. Used by 365,000 students a year! Great for revision. C. Revision:Conditional Mood; E. Revision:Expressing your opinions; F. Revision:Faux Amis; Revision Centre is here to help you find revision notes, links, and many other resources for your exam revision and studies. download free kcse form 1 2 3 4 notes . Wootton Park School, Wootton Hall Park, Northampton, NN4 0JA. The following 24 pages are in this category, out of 24 total. Ça fait du bien 2. Comes with mini whiteboard set (board, pen and eraser), exam suitable large transparent pencil case and much more. Then read the notes and try the questions. Arrange to have everything you need well in advance. University French Revision Notes; All wiki articles on: French revision notes. 6.