What You Will Need. A hard boiled egg can also be decorated with crayons, and then tinted with food coloring. 2. To get started on this project, you’ll need the following supplies: Materials: 64 pack Crayola crayons Half egg shaped silicone mold Knife Cutting board Oven. Any colours you like! Learn how to dye Easter eggs with old crayons. The two Easter egg painting projects we did last year were a lot of fun. I recommend having lots of hard-boiled eggs on hand when you go to give this a try, because the kids will want to decorate a ton of eggs! Download Coloring Sheet Or, simply download and print out for the kids to color with crayons. Instead of doing a tape resist craft, my daughters and I tried a watercolor crayon resist Easter craft. Hard boil the eggs. Make sure you cover work surface or use a paper plate like we did. With spring right around the corner (supposedly), these egg crayons are a fantastic alternative to dying Easter eggs! KID-FRIENDLY – 2. Preheat the oven to 225 Fahrenheit, and bake the crayons for 12 to 15 minutes … Ventvinal 9 Colours Crayons for Toddlers, Easy Grip Paint Crayon Colour Pencil Set, Decorative Easter Egg Toys for Baby, Infant, Girls,Boys . However, if you have broken crayons you would like to recycle that work just fine. Easter egg craft with mixed media! Remove it when it’s the color you want, then let it dry in a carton. Crayons; Paint in a contrasting colour to your crayons, black works best but you can use other colours too; A toothpick to scratch the picture or pattern in; How to: Colour in the egg templates in heavy, solid colour. 4.3 out of 5 stars 133. There aren’t any hair dryers involved, but there’s still the thrill of watching crayons melt. Easter Eggs mould tray; Crayons of different colours; How to Make It . Next, put the egg in the bowl and let it soak for 5 minutes. This project combines a child's artistic skills with regular Easter egg dying techniques. Print out a few copies of this Easter egg printable, hand the kids some crayons, and let them go to town coloring in their eggs! The kids will love their Easter coloring page either way! We didn't use regular crayons, either. Melted Crayon Eggs. This is a great way to recycle crayons. This is such a cool idea! They are the perfect profile to enable toddlers to make their first marks without the frustration of holding a normal pen. Also, the melted crayons rubs off easily, so you have to make sure you don’t let the egg roll around. You could substitute some sweets with toys. I boiled them for about 10 minutes and left them in hot water (with pan covered) for another 10 minutes. Perfect for kids who like to draw or do craft projects. Crayon Easter Eggs. Here’s the truth – I hate dyeing easter eggs. And just look at the lovely oozy mix of colours on these melted crayon eggs! The crayons melted practically on contact, creating a beautiful shiny color on the eggshell. You can use store bought dye or the home made variety. Easter egg decorating ideas can make your eggs look like an entire box of crayons! Signup to get the inside scoop from our monthly newsletters. Made from a unique wax formula, these Chubbi Egg Crayons are long lasting and fit perfectly into the hands of even the youngest children. A friend (daddy) may need to hold the egg while you decorate! These delightful, whimsical crayons are the perfect non-chocolate gift for kids this Easter. No matter what, I still think this is a better option than dying eggs. Watercolors eggs . Use regular crayons, not the washable type. 3. As the eggs cooled, the crayon dried and we were left with some beautiful egg designs. I also used to throw away a lot of the broken ends of crayons once I was done with them. Add an Easter-themed coloring books as well to the Easter baskets for fun activities for the kids. Ventvinal 9 Colours Crayons for Toddlers, Easy Grip Paint Crayon Colour Pencil Set, Decorative Easter Egg Toys for Baby, Infant, Girls,Boys. To create your hot crayon Easter Eggs you will need – Odds and ends of crayons; Some old (ish) eggs cups (or use TP Rolls as holders) Freshly boiled hot eggs; To create your hot crayon Easter Eggs – How To. The process really is so so easy!!! Print out 10 to 20 copies of the Easter Egg Hunt page. We keep the broken crayons in a bucket for fun projects – like remelting and making different shaped mixed color crayons using silicone molds and such! You take hard-boiled eggs while they are still warm and draw on them with crayons. The egg will melt the crayons and create a beautiful pattern. 2 Draw using crayons.. The technique shown here, called “Resist”, is when you apply one material that is waxy or oily and then go over it with a water-based material that is not waxy or oily and won’t mix – it resists! Get the Printable Photo Credit: aprilgolightly.com Color by Sight Word. But this time we marbled our eggs with broken and left over crayons! Use Crayola® crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color the Easter Eggs. Once your eggs are ready, fill a bowl with 1/2 cup of water, one teaspoon of vinegar, and 20 drops of food coloring. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,154. Make sure they’re still a little bit hot as you draw on them so the crayons melt as you doodle away. A 64 count box of Crayola crayons works perfectly for this project. All you need to make these eggs: Crayons- paper wrapping removed makes it a bit easier. (Ok so we’ll still dye eggs because I can’t escape it but the kids will probably beg to do these again too.) These melted crayon eggs, (inspired by the amazing NYCtaughtme.com), are the perfect Easter craft for kids. Toddler Petal crayons $ 24.95. Before decorating Easter eggs, hard boil the eggs by boiling them for 15 minutes, then letting them cool. Save yourself the dye trouble this year and try out melted crayon easter eggs. Make sure you leave no gaps. We experimented with mixing colors together, and the results were stunning! Crayon Easter Eggs: An easy, mess free way to decorate your easter eggs this year with items you most likely already have. Easter Egg crayons $ 24.95. Well as an adult I … Cut out each egg. 6. Start with crayons. Please use caution when working with hot eggs and melting wax! I would say maybe 5 and up. You can use shavings from your crayons, to sprinkle on top, a very pleasant activity for the kids. Do you prefer dyeing your own Easter Eggs to store bought? This year, I f… These melted crayon eggs involve much less noise and dare I say less effort? 99 "washable crayons" Crayola Ultra Clean Large Washable Crayons, School Supplies, 8 Count. If you are looking for a fun new way to dye your Easter eggs this year, then give this a try. Glove/cloth- for holding the super hot egg . These eggs can be eaten any time of the day and make a healthy alternative to the chocolate easter egg. Sign Up! 4.6 out of 5 stars 3,871 #1 Best Seller in Kids' Crayons. But, these ideas are not appreciated by the kids as they are in the celebratory Easter mood. Sprinkle the crayon shavings onto the hot eggs. It’s as easy as it sounds. We also added some glitter for extra sparkle while the crayon was still warm. We used crayons that glow! The trick is in the way you boil your eggs. Paint over the crayons in … Place them on a towel and gently pat them dry. The seemingly invisible white outlines drawn on a white surface such as paper or eggs are later "magically" revealed when the surface is dyed or painted over with colors. There are lots of store bought kits out there to help kids and adults alike dye their Easter eggs, and the results are beautiful. It will be a relaxing activity and the result will be amazingly vibrant natural colors. It can get a little messy. They are also great for older children, not only comfortable to hold, they also cover large areas easily and quickly. Contributed by Leanne Guenther. This may come as a surprise, but I never once thought about the mess that went along with dying Easter eggs as a child! We found these amazing home-dyed Easter Eggs , by Alisa Burke. Well this year, we did an Easter egg coloring with crayons again! Hide the eggs … But I wanted to try something a little different this year. Hard boiled eggs; Crayons (oil pastel ones) aff link; Towel or egg cartons to hold the eggs in place; Dyeing Easter eggs with crayons process: Boil the eggs. £9.59 Crayola My First Easy Grip Jumbo Crayons designed for Toddlers, Pack of 24. £8.99 £ 8. Egg Crayons. 75. Take your Crayola crayons and start your artwork. Since they are warm, the crayon melts. Paper towels. Easter Egg crayons $ 24.95 Add to cart . You’re not using crayons to dye the eggs, you’re using the heat of the egg to melt the wax in the crayon which leaves a really pretty decoration on the egg. DIY Easter Egg Crayons. Brigitte and her family loved the simplicity of this easy watercolor crayon resist Easter art project! Unwrap and break the crayons into smaller pieces, mix them up, and fill up the Easter egg moulds one by one. The tricky part is holding the egg because it is so warm (my hands were burning hot!). In this case, I’m using crayons as the resist. At the end of the day, having played so many Easter egg hunt games, the kids have had more than their fill of sweets. For an extra fun Easter art project, make a batch of Peeps puffy paint or Skittles watercolor paints and let the kids paint their Easter egg coloring pages instead of coloring with crayons. The BOLD, Bright colors will have your little ones giggling. Adults wonder if they should replace the gifts and prizes with other items of use like crayons, pencils, pens or small story books. White crayon - white crayon is popularly used for doing crayon resist art. No more looking for crayons with these Easter Egg Stacking Crayons. 2. I recommend NOT doing this with really young kids. Draw lines and images on the egg using crayons or oil pastels. Older children will love coloring in this beautifully detailed hand-drawn easter egg coloring page. Get crafts, coloring pages, lessons, and more! These melted crayon eggs turned out SO COOL! Here are the steps I took with my kids to create Colorful Easter Eggs Using Melted Crayons… Supplies Needed: Eggs (steps to hard boil the eggs are below) A colorful collection of crayons; To start off… 1. 4.3 out of 5 stars 152. Easter egg crayons make for a cute DIY crayons project when it comes to recycling. It’s perfect for spring! Read on for the easy tutorial. Put the eggs in a pot and fill the pot with cold water so it covers the eggs about 1-2″. Toddler Transport crayons $ 24.95. All you need to do is use crayons to draw on your egg. As the crayons melted onto the eggs the colors swirled and blended in the most stunning ways! 1. Sign-up For Crayola Offers! The crayons would make for a fun spring gift for the classroom or party favor at any Easter gathering. Decorate the eggs using Crayola® crayons, colored pencils, or markers. I have always loved crayons since I was a little kid. There are six different designs, including a bunny, a chick and four different decorative styles. a.) I love how the melted crayon eggs turned out. Then I cover this with watercolor paint. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs ~ How to dye your eggs with melted crayons. I bought a new box because I have a crayon buying addiction but the old broken crayons would work great! 4. You need to make sure you eggs are freshly boiled and still hot hot hot! £3.75 £ 3. The Easter egg shape crayons stack on top of one another to make keeping track of the crayons a lot easier. We’ve got you covered! Watercolors eggs. Each set contains 9 chunky crayons, perfect for small hands. With colored crayons draw lines and patterns lightly over the surface surface of the egg. Use kitchen tong to get the eggs out of the pan. Fresh hard-boiled eggs- straight from the stove. Get the Printable Photo Credit: www.findingzest.com Easter Eggs Coloring Page .