Make a banana-peach smoothie for extra protein. The first recipe I made were these tasty Cinnamon Overnight Oats and today I’m sharing my recipe for this delicious Cinnamon Smoothie. I think it’s weird anyway. (and hello all things pumpkin!) Download or Print. 1 medium peach, peeled, pitted, and chopped; ½ cup skim milk or unflavored soy milk; 1 4-ounce carton non-fat, sugar-free vanilla yogurt; 1 cup ice cubes; 1 tsp ground cinnamon (to taste) Preparation. Thoroughly wash all fruit and vegetables before using them in a smoothie. Pulse until peaches are ground up. Discover Yoplait smoothie yogurt today. This bariatric surgery appropriate recipe can be easily changed up by adding spices like cinnamon or swapping in other fruits or berries. But, if you do like cinnamon, I highly recommend adding a pinch for a little extra something that is so yummy! Variation: For a peach pie smoothie use cinnamon and add crushed graham crackers to the top of each serving glass. Healthy smoothies just like this cleaning cinnamon apple smoothie that’s a perfect way to detox your morning. This is peach smoothie recipe is definitely a new favorite with my family! but I wanted to share this quick peach smoothie recipe with you before all your summer produce is officially gone! You might think this smoothie is sinful because it tastes so good, but not at all! I know, this is weird. 2. by suenyzj / August 13, 2019. Healthy Peach Pie Smoothie I Peach Smoothie Whisk Affair low-fat milk, cinnamon powder, honey, ginger powder, frozen peaches and 3 more Super Delicious Peach Smoothie Beauty Bites which means goodbye lovely peaches and summer produce! This Cherry Almond Cinnamon Green Smoothie is a huge hit amongst the entire SGS team! Pour into glasses & top with shredded coconut and extra cinnamon. It’s made with a selection of whole food ingredients that have proven benefits when it comes to helping your liver with its natural detox process, including lemon juice, fresh ginger, and goji berries. Try it: Cinnamon toast crunch smoothie. Ready to Learn More? Put the peach, milk, yogurt, and ice in a blender or food processor. Blend 2 cups frozen peaches, 2 bananas (room temperature), 1/2 cup water and 8 ice cubes with the same amount of vanilla and cinnamon. You guys know that I LOVE to share things as I find them, and this is one of those days! Cinnamon & Peach Smoothie by C. L. ( Cheryl ) "Cheffie Cooks" Wiser on March 6, 2016 in Drinks , Smoothies March 6, 2016 Drinks Smoothies 0.00 Mitt(s) 0 Rating(s) That's all there is to it. Here are 10 low-carb recipe blends. It’s made with fresh or frozen peaches, rolled oats, cinnamon, Greek yogurt, and a dash of cinnamon, and the best part is … Toss in your peaches, yogurt, coconut milk, cinnamon, and vanilla. Smoothie making made easy! A refreshing on-the-go healthy breakfast that's best enjoyed in … of THM Gentle Sweet (or your favorite sweetener) Making a peach smoothie … This peach smoothie tastes just like my favorite dessert as a child, but I love that it’s super healthy and filling and give the kids energy to keep playing all day long. ... “If you freeze your own fruit, be sure to peel the mango first, but peach skin is soft enough that it should blend well,” she adds. Find your favourite today. Dip the rim of a glass lightly into maple syrup and then brown sugar for a tasty rim. Using a low-calorie protein shake as the liquid component balances the natural sugars in the fruit helping you feel full longer and better manages a shift in blood sugar. Cranberry Smoothie; Mango Smoothie; Watermelon Smoothie; How to Make Milk Kefir (VIDEO) Milk Kefir FAQ Ingredients. High Calorie Recipe: Cinnamon-Peach Smoothie PART OF: NUTRITION SERVICES FOR CANCER PATIENTS > ALL RECIPES. Cook Time. Blend until creamy. Imagine a smoothie that tastes just like a slice of fresh homemade peach pie.Now stop dreaming, because this thick and creamy smoothie is exactly that. Although I … Yup, I have learned that besides having awesome commercials that Aflac not only has amazing commercials, but they have some valuable insurance policies as well. 1/2 cup of 1 or 2% Daisy’s Cottage Cheese ( I like Daisy’s because it doesn’t have junk ingredients.) INGREDIENTS 1 frozen banana 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 ½ cups non-dairy milk 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 scoop vanilla Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein powder DIRECTIONS Combine all ingredients in a high-powered blender. I know, I know – you may already know this! Place all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Cinnamon Peach Oatmeal Smoothie. This peach and avocado smoothie is rich, creamy, satisfying, loaded with healthy fats and tastes like cinnamon-spiced peach pie! Peach & Cinnamon Smoothie. Eat/drink non-stop until it's all gone (that's what I did, ha!) Some of the delicious smoothie yogurt flavors include Peach & Mango and Cookies & Creme. 5 mins. Another thought – if using a conventional peach rather than organic, it’s important to peel to remove any pesticide residue. Cinnamon – This is an optional ingredient. If smoothie is too thick, add some more coconut milk to lighten it up. How To Make A Basic Peach Smoothie In your blender, combine the peach and sugar. Serve in a glass and top with a dash of cinnamon. I just realized that I haven't shared any smoothie recipe for a long time. It uses low-fat natural yoghurt and honey instead of syrup to sweeten. Yield. Cinnamon Roll Smoothie-2 cups of ice. To help celebrate this re-launch I’ve made four delicious and easy recipes using Schwartz Ground Cinnamon. You definitely don’t need it as the smoothie is super tasty without and I know it can be a strong taste for some people. This week the season of autumn officially started! . Cinnamon is a wonderfully versatile spice that can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Smoothies are a healthy choice, but fruit-filled drinks can be heavy on the carbs. Blend until smooth. Make a peach banana smoothie. You can simply toss in a peeled and sliced banana into the mixture, or use the following recipe: ½ cup (120 milliliters) of milk, 1 peeled and sliced banana, 2 to 3 peeled and sliced peaches, 2 to 3 ice cubes, and ¼ teaspoon of ground cinnamon. How To Make A Peach Smoothie. It’s creamy, decadent, and tastes like a fruity milkshake. The fuzzy peach peel won’t hurt you, certainly, but it may affect the texture or smoothness of your peach smoothie. 0 mins. Blend until well mixed with no clumps. and don’t worry there will be plenty of autumn recipes coming your way soon! 1/2 cups unsweetened cashew milk or almond milk. Serves 2. 4. This Peach Smoothie with Ginger and Cinnamon is high in fiber and rich in beta carotene, Vitamin A, and lutein which both protect your vision and keep your eyes healthy. Ingredients: 1 Premier Protein® 11oz. Serves 4. It's filled with natural sweetness and nutrients. Prep Time. Take out the Greek yogurt and add more banana! Studies have shown that plant chemicals found in the skin of peaches and nectarines may have anti-cancer properties and may be especially valuable for healthy breasts. Bonus—did you know that cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices around? Sweet Potato - Peach Smoothie: It's a perfect summer smoothie made using sweet potatoes and peach along with a hint of ginger and cinnamon. Add the yogurt, orange juice, and cinnamon. Packed with antioxidants, cinnamon helps balance blood sugar and may also have positive effects on immunity and digestion. Difficulty Level. Cinnamon Peach Smoothie. 2 big tbsps.