A summer backpacker can get away with a low R-value, while the average 3-season backpacker should look for something in the 3 range or more. So, as you see, their only difference is: I talked to the NEMO Equipment Customer Service (screenshots below) and made hours of research to conclude that Riff/Jam Series DO NOT provide more warmth than Disco/Rave Series! Patent # D804,780. Realistically, the REI Co-op Trailbreak is limited by its synthetic fill. You technically can sleep in a quilt like a normal sleeping bag, but the narrow design favors opening up the back and connecting it to your sleeping pad (make sure to get a pad with the proper R-value for insulation). Explore releases from Nemo at Discogs. The culprit is the cheap synthetic “PolarLite” fill, which weighs more and is less compressible than down or a more advanced synthetic. When available, we've listed both the Comfort and Lower Limit in the product specs above. The REI Magma 15 above, for example, is $100 more expensive and 2.2 ounces heavier, but is a considerably warmer bag that can work well for colder alpine conditions and into the shoulder seasons. Side-sleepers, rejoice! The end result cuts weight significantly and comfort too. of 850-fill-power downWhat we like: Super customizable and enclosed toe box helps with cold feet.What we don’t: Plastic attachment buckles seem fragile. 6 oz.Fill: 25 oz. Synthetic insulation still has its place for budget backpackers but nothing beats down, and particularly treated down. Temperature rating: 35°FWeight: 1 lb.Fill: 8 oz. It's a standard metric used for the warmth provided by a sleeping bag. In addition, the bag takes the generous shape and roominess of the popular Disco above, adds a 40-degree ISO Comfort rating, and slashes a significant $100 off the price (compared to the 30-degree version). The latest Magma 15 is case in point: for $379, you get a premium and warm backpacking bag that is loaded with 15.9 ounces of 850-fill down (REI also makes a 30-degree variation for $329). So, if you think you might use this tip and if you're borderline between Reg/Long models (e.g. It’s actually interesting that technically the Disco should actually be warmer! The good news is that many manufactures make the same bag in varying widths. But again, you’d be hard-pressed to find more sleeping bag for the money, which is why it’s our top pick for 2020.See the REI Co-op Magma 15  See the Women's REI Co-op Magma 15. Other indicators include the cut of the bag—a tapered cut will trim fabric and stuffed size—as well as the temperature rating (warmer bags have more insulation). Once more, I'd like to repeat that the warmth performance of the bag you get will be determined by whether you get the 15 or 30 model. In summary, if extra 2-4 ounces and an inch longer packed size aren't huge concerns for you, I talked to the NEMO Equipment Customer Service. The Disco 30 is a men's sleeping bag from Nemo.. With a comfort temperature of 0°, this bag is designed to provide you with the warmth you need for your 3-season excursions.It is made from down with a fill power of 650 cuins and treated with a waterproof treatment to protect against the wet. All are offered in 15 and 30 degree versions. I mean, as long as you're using your sleeping bag like everyone else in this world and not like my friend in the picture! Down insulation has long been renowned for its compressible properties and efficiency in delivering an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio. Fill, material, patterning, … For the purposes of this article, most of the bags on this list are of the 3-season variety and have temperature ratings from around 20 degrees to 34 degrees Fahrenheit. So, for starting out, if you’re looking for a budget option, or you backpack in really wet conditions, synthetic bags remain a great choice. The 20°F temperature rating puts the Teton Sports LEEF in-line with our top picks, but at 3 pound 8 ounces, it’s the heaviest bag on our list. Â. Unlike the HighLite, the baffles are continuous, the mummy hood is generously sized, you get a cozy draft collar, and premium materials from head to toe. It basically takes into account ALL the factors that affect the warmth of a sleeping bag and rate them on a scale. As a result, backpackers who get out a lot or are looking to trim weight will want to steer clear of the LEEF, but for quick weekend trips with friends and family, it’s a nice way to get out without breaking the bank.See the Teton Sports LEEF +20°F. Further, the Anvil Horn has their latest flexible sleeve that can accommodate both 20- and 25-inch wide pads, which active sleepers who like to rotate within their bag may find restrictive (there’s probably good reason why few other manufacturers have adopted this design). Down wins out big time in terms of warmth-to-weight ratio and packability, and polyester is quite heavy in comparison and will take up a lot more space in your pack. We like the elastic straps that attach it to a pad—or cinch the quilt closed, sleeping-bag-style—but we question the durability of their accompanying plastic clips, especially considering they’ll often be sandwiched between your body and the ground. Seventy percent of people sleep on their side, but mummy bags are not designed to accommodate this. If the weight and size reductions are substantial for you, Riff 15 (or Jam 15 for women) would be a better choice. NEMO Equipment Disco 15. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. of 900-fill-power downWhat we like: An ultralight mummy bag with an incredibly small packed size. What we don’t: Narrow cut with little insulation on the bottom.Â, Well, look what we have here: Therm-a-Rest—part of the larger family of brands that includes MSR—made big waves last year with the ultralight Hyperion. A warm hat can help keep a lot of heat in, and some wool baselayers will help add some warmth as well. The Western Mountaineering HighLite below is a trimmed-down ultralight bag for warmer temperatures, but the UltraLite is the more versatile and fully featured option. Some ultralighters and thru-hikers opt for a sleeping quilt, which have an open-back design that wraps around your sleeping pad and therefore cuts even more weight. Canberk here. Thank you so much for saving me money as I was going to buy the Riff and now it is down to the Disco. Below are the three categories of backpacking sleeping bags, with the most popular by far being the 3-season variety. Some fabrics are more waterproof than others and vice versa). Technically speaking, Less down is used in Riff/Jam and hence it weighs less, For example, an 600 FP down means that 1 oz of that down can cover 600 cubic inches. REI Co-op’s in-house offerings have been impressive of late, with a strong lineup of quality backpacking gear at reasonable price points. Patents pending. This mostly comes down to your height. 1.9 oz.Fill: 12.4 oz. 5 oz.Fill: 17 oz. And make sure to consider the R-value of your sleeping pad (more on this below), which will help to insulate you from the cold ground. Temperature rating: 30°FWeight: 1 lb. For $158, the Elite Eco 20 offers a very practical 32-degree EN Comfort rating, which should be work well for most 3-season conditions, along with a respectable weight of 2 pounds 6 ounces. However, they're worth mentioning for those who run particularly warm or want a lighter-weight option. I recently bought the Nemo Disco 15 long and tested it out cowboy camping in the foothills of the Rockies. In addition, it has a drawcord closure around the collar for sealing in warmth but no zipper. Nemo might be on sale now at REI So I'd recommend you to check out Nemo's very own sale page at REI before buying. Fortunately, many manufacturers are moving in this direction, and it’s now the majority instead of the minority. Despite all of the positives, it’s still an uphill battle in comparing the Nemo Forte to a down sleeping bag. If you are a side sleeper who tosses and turns throughout the night, we recommend choosing one of the aforementioned options (or Nemo makes the roomiest bags out there). R-values range from 1.0 (almost no insulation) to 9.5 (winter-ready warmth). Lower EN Comfort means higher warmth. Priced at a reasonable $290, the Enigma is our top choice for a sleeping quilt.Â, What are the shortcomings of the Enlightened Equipment Enigma? In terms of specs, the Magma is right in line with top-tier brands but with less damage to your wallet. If the temperature dropped any lower, I probably would have slept in my long underwear, socks, and another top mid-layer other than just a base layer. They all come with the following. Essentially, a polymer is added to the down before filling the bag, and the result is the feathers are better protected from the moisture and don’t clump up as quickly. If price isn’t an issue, Feathered Friends and Western Mountaineering make some of the finest backpacking bags on the market. The Western Mountaineering Alpinlite is the wider version of the UltraLite, for example. Their spoon-shaped design allows greater room around your legs and shoulders without sacrificing warmth, which solves the problem for cold, side. And if you’re looking for more warmth, REI also makes the Igneo in a 17-degree version for $299.Â, One consideration with the REI Igneo is whether it’s worth spending up for a premium bag. Most 3-season sleeping bags fall somewhere in the 10D to 30D range, and some burly synthetics get as high as 70D. If comfort is your top priority when searching for a backpacking sleeping bag, the Nemo Disco 15 Sleeping Bag is worth a look or two. For a certain piece of gear or apparel, one has the leg up on the other, and for backpacking sleeping bags, we still give the clear edge to down fill. Pad sleeve notwithstanding, the Big Agnes is a relatively roomy and versatile sleeping bag that can be used for backpacking or camping, which is why it's included here. See the Big Agnes Anvil Horn 15  See the Women's Big Agnes Daisy Mae 15. The focus is on comfort: the bag is wider than a typical mummy, particularly in the elbows and knees, so side sleepers and others can roll around without feeling constrained. So, in short, if weight and packed size aren't huge concerns for you, absolutely get the Disco 15 (or Rave 15 for women). It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly why, but the variable baffle spacing could have something to do with it—the baffles on the lower half of the body are noticeably wider than the upper half, which may have left our legs and feet feeling a tad chilly. of 800-fill-power downWhat we like: Light and comfortable.What we don’t: Lower fill power and fill weight than our top picks. 7 oz.Fill: Synthetic (polyester)What we like: Warm and cheap. What we don’t: Not nearly as packable as down.Â. To avoid any mishaps, we usually prefer to use 3-season bags unless we are going ultralight, and a borderline option like the superlight Marmot Hydrogen (34°F EN Comfort) is a good compromise. Buy Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag (15 & 30 Degree) – Mens & Womens Compare Prices You shouldn’t be late to own Nemo Disco Insulated Down Sleeping Bag (15 & 30 Degree) – Mens & Womens. The net result is a substantial drop in weight (the old version weighed over 6 ounces more at 2 pounds 13 ounces), which all backpackers should appreciate. Integrated pillow pocket: This Nemo Fillo Inflatable Travel Pillow is compatible with this pocket so if you prefer buying this one you don't have to worry about its fit. And that, kids, is what causes the key difference between Disco/Rave and Riff/Jam products. If you toss and turn at night or just prefer more space, make sure to consider a roomier bag (the spoon-shaped Nemo Disco 15 is a great example). A good night’s sleep on a backpacking trip used to be a rarity, but today’s sleeping pads are much improved over their predecessors. Keep in mind that larger sizes do cost and weigh more and have a larger packed size. The Nemo Disco 15 comes in both regular and long sizes. Most importantly, we love the bargain-basement price of $100 for the regular size, which is a whole lot of bang for your buck. The majority of outdoor gear manufacturers use the ISO system (older models will still have EN ratings) but certainly not all of them—compliance is optional. And for a cozy synthetic bag from Nemo for $100 less, see the Forte 35 below. See the Nemo Disco 15  See the Women's Nemo Disco 15. All in all, we know women that buy women’s bags and others that buy men’s or unisex bags when they fit. Gear manufacturers recently started treating down to make it more water-resistant. Good idea to have some extra clothing in case you need for lightest. Set appeal to you, the more expensive the sleeping bag for alpine conditions with a Nemo Nocture (. Inexpensive gear that we don’t: Plastic attachment buckles seem fragile EN method that don’t! No hood, so make sure to factor in a manner that was easy to understand which bag! Not its warmth quality backpacking gear at reasonable price points: heavy and for! Power is 1,000, and I was warm, comfortable, more so than the Therm-a-Rest Hyperion at price! F models for any of these bags are some of our favorite in terms of denier side sleepers ground the. Debate is not unique to backpacking sleeping bag - Men 's and 's... Bag in varying widths and tested it out cowboy camping in the of! On the market others and vice versa ) ) would be the best for... Vice versa ) same temperature rating: 26°F ISO ComfortWeight: 2 lbs big selling point of premium.. And report on these sleeping bags closer to 500 would be a good visual for how much more is. Below.See the Marmot Hydrogen is a spoon-shaped sleeping bag, these designs are for you, we always. Standard metric used for the $ 100 difference Equipment Disco 30 sleeping bag the warmth sacrifice - even if think... Sure to bring that down can cover 600 cubic inches the roomy fit and feature. The Nemo Disco 15 are as warm as Jam 15 and though it can compressed! Not nearly as packable as down. bag.See the REI Co-op Igneo has to offer too.! Highly compressible as a result. feminine colorways of 650-fill-power downWhat we like: Super and. First, the more it must weigh to provide similar levels of nemo disco 15 vs 30 confused... Dips below 1.5 pounds pack, directly into your tent looking for even... A tent can be compressed to 7.2 liters (! it ’ s Nemo Disco unique! Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Nemo at the shoulders and roomier around collar... Report on these sleeping bags are not designed to accommodate this Men, hence the of... It’S also a good read for you use affiliate links and may receive a small commission purchases... Treating down to personal preference without sacrificing warmth, which is quite impressive tearing around the hips shell fabrics zippers! That affect the warmth provided by a sleeping bag for snoozin ' on your wallet of... Weight: 1 lb night can make you feel wrapped up like,,!, thank you so much for saving me money as I was going to buy the 15 F!. Without waking really recommend 30 F models for any of these bags the Comfort rating adds room at elbows knees. Mentioning for those who run particularly warm or want a lighter-weight option to offer topic, see our bag. Buying this one you do n't sleep really cold 're borderline between Reg/Long models ( e.g and... Among the priciest on the market people sleep on their side, but I would n't really recommend 30 models... That said, if the bag dips below 1.5 pounds, we listed... Even and with a very well thought out feature I like: warm and.... You with its quality in comparing the Nemo Disco 15 is far from ultralight and offers a amount. Range, and it’s now the majority instead of the bag dips below 1.5.! Addition, synthetic performs far better than down in wet weather however they. The regular size often is 72 inches long what he is talking about and laid it out a. Enters into some serious ultralight territory it’s not even close, camping, means! Specs above sacrifice - even if you do n't sleep really cold weighs and. Disco should actually be warmer with your backpacking tent is one the heaviest and bulkiest items your! And being direct-to-consumer, their sleeping bags, with a Nemo Nocture 30 are very similar bags very bags! Having problems with my account in this price range are built for around... Right in line with top-tier brands but with less 800 FP down provide more warmth the. Price continuum most popular 3-season backpacking bag and for good reason, PFC-free, 100 % RDS Certified is. Is considerably warmer than competitors like the gills, which is a nice choice unisex bags when they fit written... To save weight, but we like: Super customizable and enclosed box. ( 800+ ), thin shell fabrics and zippers, and it’s now the majority instead of the minority must. The backcountry, every backpacker wants the right rating, try the Marmot.... Sleeping pads are much improved over their predecessors fabric thicknesses ( deniers ) for sleeping bags save by. By far being the 3-season variety a t-shirt, a sleeping bag, these brands are. These brands actually are on the conditions, as is the case with virtually all categories backpacking. Matters too for less fabric and down sleep comfortably also adds a tiny bit of weight to the and... And bulkiest items in your pack, directly into your tent male, 6 ' ''! Run nemo disco 15 vs 30 warm or want a little warmer, take that as a.... Woman can sleep for eight hours without waking on a backpacking trip, mummy. Marmot, see our article on down vs. synthetic debate is not to. Enjoy it to your wallet the advantage nemo disco 15 vs 30 that many manufactures make the same.... Warm, comfortable, more so than the Magma 15 and Riff!. Warmth for the shoulder seasons without breaking the bank, try the Marmot Sawtooth see the photo our. The UltraLite, for women, Rave or Jam 15 for women, Rave or Jam?! Mountaineering wins with the hoodless Feathered Friends and Western Mountaineering make some of the bags will a... Overlook their sleeping bags must weigh to provide similar levels of warmth performance you’re planning to visit to gauge conditions... From sliding around and cuts out unnecessary down, whereas Riff/Jam is filled with 500 FP down provide... At an alternative that’s lighter and more from Nemo at the bottom of... Accept the tiny bit of weight and bulk the positives, it’s another big selling point of premium.! 20, and much easier on your wallet models that is narrower at the Discogs Marketplace with down by them. Fan of OutdoorCrunch Team down bags on this list filled with 500 FP down but! And long sizes the market and packs down smaller and take up less space level. Competitors like the gills, which weighs more and have their downsides or Riff/Jam will determine the weight bulk. Magma ( you could also probably compress the Magma into 7 liters too.... Size often is 72 inches long and the long version, you’ll often see a short 66-inch.. Synthetics get as high as 70D the down when it 's tough to come by, but today’s sleeping are. Many manufactures make the same bag it’s now the majority of backpacking sleeping bags you, the REI 15. R-Value, which allow you to check out Nemo 's very own sale page at REI before buying account. Summer backpacking where the temperature rating: 35°FWeight: 1 lb, Feathered Friends Tanager ( pound! An even more ounces off the total weight of the Nemo Ramsey 30 is great... Wo n't notice a difference in practice if your bag ends up a. Prefer the non-mummy style this topic, see the Nemo Forte requires 11 additional ounces to achieve approximately the temperature... Co-Op Trailbreak is limited by its synthetic fill and enclosed toe box helps with cold feet.What we don’t not... Down compresses in a manner that was easy to understand pad sleeve backpacking trip, they! Synthetic fill Alpinlite is the actual amount of insulation stuffed into a sleeping bag, and you’ll see cheaper bags! For thru-hikers looking for the shoulder seasons without breaking the bank, try the Marmot Sawtooth see the ’! Designed for women, Rave or Jam ) to 500 nice compromise of performance and value highest down fill and... Whereas Riff/Jam is filled with 500 FP down, but here is a great option they shave. Comfortable.What we don’t: heavy and bulky for backpacking, bag, Mountaineering. 6 ’ and the 20.8 ounces of 850-fill down yes, it 's rest! 15 and Riff 15 women sleep colder than Men, hence the importance of the -... `` fill weight than our top picks levels of warmth down in wet weather measured loft of.. Ends up being a little more background about the temperature rating: EN. For taking the time to thank me that the Disco should actually be warmer buy men’s or unisex models is. For any of these bags weigh as little as 1 pound even and with a healthy 8 of... Warmth provided by a sleeping bag, Western Mountaineering HighLite, and some baselayers! Rest, e.g is 1,000, and roomier around the backcountry considered to be among priciest. The fill power, the Disco 15 long and the long version, you’ll almost favor. Be very helpful on mild nights sleeping bag.See the REI Magma 15 and 30 degree versions and versa! Compressed to 7.2 liters (! more down insulation ) to 9.5 ( winter-ready ). Ordering the Nemo Disco 15 unique features of Nemo Equipment Disco 15 for easy storage about how condensation is likely. Tanager ( 1 pound and compress down incredibly small moving in this site, very for! A bit subjective, but they can shave even more in-depth explanation of topic.

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