2. State and support, sometimes using research, interpretive claims about a variety of texts. In light of Fredonia’s institutional goals of fostering students who are Skilled, Connected, Creative, and Responsible, students in the English and English Adolescence Education majors will develop the following skills: 1. 3 Promote Empathy. (Specialized Knowledge). // ]]> All CMU baccalaureate graduates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking, communication fluency, quantitative fluency, and specialized knowledge/applied learning. (Specialized Knowledge), Support interpretive claims about a variety of texts. Academic and wellness resources for remote learning. •Learning objectives focus on student performance. 1.1 Students will analyze work(s) of literature in one or more interpretive contexts or frameworks. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing; e. to revise and reinforce structure already learnt. From on-campus jobs to career advising after college, we are here to help. (ii) Literature aspect: Words, sentences, expressing ideas, feelings and experiences. View COVID-19 metrics for the campus community. (A) The objective of teaching English has two main aspects: (i) Language aspect: Words, sentences, pronunciation, spelling and grammar. Trade generic verbs for strong academic skills. Dedicated staff helping students succeed inside and outside of the classroom. 2017 English Language and Linguistics Syllabus (Pre-University) H2 (500kb .pdf) English Literature. The learning objectives for English 110 capture the goals for the course. 1.3 Students will create aesthetic structures for the genre in which they are writing. Action verbs that are specific, such as list, describe, report, compare, demonstrate, and analyze,should state … Blog articles with frequent updates from Safe Together, Strong Together. (Communication Fluency/Applied Learning) Use research to assist in problem-solving. Pupils should be taught to: 1. listen and respond appropriately to adults and their peers 2. ask relevant questions to extend their understanding and knowledge 3. use relevant strategies to build their vocabulary 4. articulate and justify answers, arguments and opinions 5. give well-structured description… Content knowledge: Literature majors will be exposed to and demonstrate a broad knowledge of major and minor authors, major texts and contexts and defining intellectual issues of British and/ or American literature, enriched by familiarity with the same in other European and/ or non-European literature and/ or cinematic traditions. //
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