If you want to give your body a good shake and wake that soul back up, wikiHow is here to help. The wise thing would be to find the reason for your … A mother woke up, climbed out of her bed and then woke her child. My belief in reality is that of an agnostic. Also as a … Food I think I’m going to do it. The world would be different if you were not born. Home » Ask a Bible Teacher » Why Am I Still Alive? 49. done Give Up Goodbye quit why? by xXxWrAtHxXx 3/31/2012. How to Feel Alive. Do you deserve to be alive? Why Am I Still Alive? This quiz is simple to be described I just wanted to find out if people are worthy to be alive, but I also want to have fun while doing so, so while being both serious and funny, I intend to find out how much people cherish life. It's such a joy to watch, especially when the best teams play on national television. So why did the alcoholic stoner survive when my only life ambition is to go deploy in the marines, fight for my country, and hopefully die for it. This guidance for humanity and answers to our fundamental questions was revealed by God in the form of Words Of God compiled in the form of Holy Books. I don’t have any purpose. If you are wondering why I didn't call a suicide hotline or something, it's because I am an attorney and in the national guard, and getting the cops called on me by some hotline worker could have left me in a much worse position than I am in now, where at least I have work. written by xXxWrAtHxXx 3/31/2012. During the fall, college football season is in, and it's always an intense race to be part of the playoff four. As a family, they were all happy. why am I alive now? etc. A spiritual truth: If you are alive, your life matters. Why Am I Still Alive? 2. Why am I alive. The child was just two years of age. Why am I alive? 48. You have a unique role to play in the grand scheme of things. I’m fucked up. 47. I have 3 dead sisters who died shortly after birth. 14 Comments. I neither belief there is a god nor do I dismiss it as impossible. I never asked to be born, I wish I hadn’t been born—having suffered from depression all my life. Once you make a decision about what your life’s purpose will be — maybe it’s writing a book or building a business or being a mom — you must commit to it completely, in the same way you’ve committed to your children, your spouse, your career, or your friends. How can God condemn me or someone like me to hell. Yet… Sisters that would have been successful and motivated. Calmly she dressed and cleaned both herself and the child. You cannot go on living in a state of total abandonment in life. We have theories, and … Both were fit and healthy. Without further ado, here are 13 Reasons Why I Am Alive. By Jack Kelley Tuesday July 21st, 2009 About 2 Minutes to Read. College Football. I will live just to spite them at this point. You have a contribution to make to the world, even if you’re not sure what it is. Anyway, fuck that person. Q. I am 71 years old, a Christian since age 10. If you are feeling, ‘why am I alive?’, due to a recent unfortunate occurrence in your life, then you need to come to terms with the reason for sadness too. 1. Everyone feels sluggish, sad, or a bit dead inside every now and again. I’m going to finally finish what I started, and kill myself. I am not cared for, or serve any importance. In my opinion, anything is possible, and the truth is we really don’t know when it boils down to it. “Why am I alive?” You decide. She was in her early thirties. I can’t handle shot, I’m a … Here are 50 reasons why: 50. Why we’re alive, and why the world is even in existence.