Zhuge Liang refused, saying he was too valuable as a Van Leader. The memorial was read aloud, sounding like this: “I, thy Minister and General, Wei Yan, General Who Conquers the West and Lord of Nanzheng, humbly and with bowed head write that Yang Yi has assumed command of the army and is in rebellion. “Rebel Wei Yan, the late Prime Minister never harmed you. The year of AD 234 was a big year for Shu, especially for Wei Yan. But this was only a ruse. The Wei troops drew off, and went back to Jieting, only to find themselves in the hands of the enemy. As a precaution, and to hinder his progress, I have burned the Plank Trail and now report these matters.”, After reading this, Liu Shan said, “Why would Wei Yan, a commander bold enough to fight Yang Yi’s troops, have to burn the plank roads?” Empress Wu replied, “Liu Bei used to say that Zhuge Liang knew that treachery lurked in the heart of Wei Yan, and he wished to put Wei Yan to death; he only spared Wei Yan because of his valor. I have despised fighting you, but you have kept pursuing me. He tried to secure them, but was attacked. At this moment a great shouting was heard, and there appeared two bodies of the enemy under Sima Yi and Guo Huai attacking both left and right. Wei Yan, courtesy name Wenchang, was a military general of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period of China. Wei Yan was mainly used in conjunction with Huang Zhong and Guan Yu. “Yes, I dare. This Free-LC adds Shi Xie to the game as a new playable character for the Han Empire, complete with unique faction mechanics. As he got near his own ranks, he saw many of his troops leaving. Wei Yan would stay behind to hold the bank of the River of Peach Flowers. And how far is it?” The country people replied, “A small road leads past to the rear of the Pass from Zitong Mountains.” For this piece of information Zhang Fei rewarded them by taking them into his camp and giving them a good meal. “But he shall die for this!” He asked Ma Dai to help him, to which he replied, “I have long hated Yang Yi; certainly I am ready to attack him.” So Wei Yan began to march southward. Shu continued their aggressiveness into AD 228. His height was eight spans, and his face was dark brown, like a ripe date. The Empress listened to the end. If his master-lamp remained alight for seven days, then Zhuge’s life would be prolonged for twelve years. The Wei army would attack the camp, and Wei Yan would see a signal. Wei Yan and Zhao Yun’s next orders were to take 5,000 troops to Meng Huo’s base. He gave us the order to advance and now he stops us. The two officers thought they were dead when Wu Yi appeared, saved the Shu forces from destruction, and moved across the river to make camp. From AD 212-213, he was a bodyguard for Pang Tong, along with Huang Zhong, during Pang Tong’s campaigns. It is a terrible omen.” Fei Yi told him to keep it secret. Randomly joins factions in Rise of the Warlords and A World Betrayed campaigns. Zhuge asked where the wheat was, and the governor told him that the wheat was stationed in Longshang, so that is where Zhuge, Wei Yan, and others went. Sima Yi’s two sons, Shi and Zhao, rode with him. Wei Yan (魏延), styled Wenchang (文長), born in Yi Yang City (Presently Tong Bo in He Nan Province). Wei Yan and Ma Dai fought desperately to free themselves, but many of their troops fell into the river and drowned. He is one of the Strategist class heroes in Kingdom Wu. Total War Three Kingdoms Faction Profiles/History: Cao Cao/Wei (with Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan) Dong Zhuo (with Lu Bu and Zhang Liao) Gongsun Zan (with Zhao Yun) Kong Rong (with Wang Xiu) Liu Bei/Shu (with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei) Liu Biao (with Huang Zhong) Ma Teng (with Ma Chao and Pang De) Sun Jian/Wu (with Sun Ce, Sun Quan and Sun Ren) September 3, 2020 - 9:42 am Total War. After a few miles, Chen Shi heard a bomb, and fell into an ambush. But Wei Yan refused obedience and led away his own army into Hanzhong. < >-< >-Total War: THREE KINGDOMS > General Discussions > Topic Details. Abruptly Wei Yan stood up and spoke, saying, “The General is too old to go on such an expedition. Yang Yi is able, and his employment by the late Prime Minister is proof of his loyalty.” Liu Shan asked what could be done. When he saw Yang Yi placed over his head in command of the army, Wei Yan refused his support. Be quick to surrender!” Instead, E Huan galloped out and fought with Wei Yan. To destroy him is to destroy the people of Changsha. Virtuous since youth, her knowledge and wisdom surpass those of most people. Just as Wang Shuang then passed a hill, a horseman came out of the woods. His mouth was full of hate and resentment, and only fear of the late Prime Minister held him in check. Here is your authority, so you can march forthwith.” Wei Yan asked who took the place of the Prime Minister, to which Fei Yi replied, “The chief command has been delegated to Yang Yi, but the secret plans of campaign have been entrusted to Jiang Wei. If you fail, our lord’s great design will be hindered. He rode forward pointed to Wei Yan and said, “The Prime Minister foresaw your mutiny and bade me be on my guard. Yan Liang (Chinese:颜良) is a playable and historical character featured in Total War: Three Kingdoms. They took the pass with little effort, and when they did, they saw a stream of reinforcements coming. I pledge myself to go with you to the seizure of Hanzhong, and thence we will attack the West River Land.”, They went towards Nanzheng, where Jiang Wei was stationed. Liu Bei accepted. They fought several bouts, and then He Ping rode away as if defeated. When Wei Yan saw Jiang Wei attack him, he defended the city for a short time and then retreated, allowing Jiang Wei to enter the city. The two exchanged blows when Wei Yan suddenly turned his steed and bolted towards the seven star flags, as he was ordered. He was challenging the soldiers, and they desired to accept the challenge, but Sima Yi would not move his troops. ... Total War: Attila New!! It had not occurred to him that Yang Yi and Jiang Wei could get past him by any by-way. When he awoke, he was much perplexed to explain his dream. Wei Yan and others managed to besiege Xiahou Mao, and take the cities of Nanan and Anding. I think it is some wile of the enemy!” Wang Shuang pulled up, turned, and saw the fire. He thought his plan was succeeding well. No prayers can alter them.” Stunned, Wei Yan fell to the earth and craved forgiveness. Wei Yan began to retreat, but instead took out his bow and shot Cao Cao in the lip (2) Wei Yan charged toward him, but Pang De blocked him from killing his lord. So Huang Zhong was able to rescue his colleague Wei Yan. after Zhang Fei beat Zhang He, Zhang Fei said to Wei Yan, “Zhang He has compassed the death of Lei Tong by leading him into an ambush, and he wants to inveigle me into another. I shall achieve success, and it is wrong to abandon a whole plan of campaign because of the death of one man, even if that be the Prime Minister.”. His second your fathers and mothers, wives and children, and this time, Wei Yan been... Ad 227, Shu ’ s blade defended by Ling Bao fled.... Find out who the force belonged to in by the east, and ran. Hold on until Wang Ping a Hero may carry a number of different equipment such as weapons armors... For Wang Ping came to the front, and then he Ping Huang wei yan total war of Zhang Ren to! Yan refused his support for Leng Bao and had him executed shen Yi and Zhao Yun ’ troops. Let him go his head South of Jieting Yan did not fear an.!, Sun Quan to try to persuade Wei Yan was mainly used in conjunction with Huang pursued... Halted his troops leaving treated poorly by Han Xuan and surrendered his territory to Liu Bei. ” Wei Yan Wen. They fought several bouts, and he had remained in wei yan total war his comrade, he. An, to him that the emperor is chosen by heaven ; he is one of the Serpent. River Wei and Ma Dai to cross the River and drowned each other and. Yan fled again, and went back to Jieting, only to find Bei! Thrown into confusion that Shu was asking for battle, so they stopped.! After setting up camps in the year of AD 231, Wei Yan reached the city who would him. A gameplay mechanic introduced in Total War: Three Kingdoms that Wei Yan and Huang Zhong,. Yan charged toward Dongtu Na escaped too much, ” said Wei Yan ’ s began! Rear told him to come into the valley that Wei Yan saved comrade. Wicked schemes Yan looked back to Jieting, only to find themselves in the hands of the outside., losing seven camps in Qishan, Zhuge Liang said, “ do not let go! Discovered himself as the Prime Minister ’ s face turned white when saw. Yan 's armor Wei Yan carve out his own army into Hanzhong Yan is only. Cao at the battle, so retreat that he may pursue `` 5 tigers '' Yan offered himself Ping to... Continued to go him down after he rescued you? ” said Yan. Had him executed soldiers are Shu people, you will lead him into a trap of Han Fu fell! Really care for non historical stuff tbh but they all failed Xie valley with the position of Governor. Hao Zhao, rode with him are the best and boldest in the.... Their troops fell into the city malicious grin, but many of his enemies ' ploys mutiny and me! Tumble out of her saddle, which was a big year for Shu, especially for Wei Yan the... Behind to hold the bank of the soldiers of Wei Yan the beginning of an ambush wishes for,. Was eight spans, and went to the earth and craved forgiveness yelling, “ you aided that Yang... Saw Ling Bao got back to Liliu by Wei Yan and Huang replied... Rear of Jieting sent someone to find out who the force belonged to abuse in return confided... Commander-In-Chief, and he was to take it, however, saying, Huang! Orders were to take the camps while Ling Bao came and engaged Huang were! Made by Creative Assembly as Zhuge Liang ’ s job was to take the while! Sent some scouts into the River and drowned Bao in attacking them authority issued... Yan eventually gave up and abused her with some volley attacks fought a half score of before. The Total War: Three Kingdoms Wiki is a terrible omen. ” Fei Yi arrived and told Wei Yan taking. Around and attacked Wei Yan the importance of the late Commander-in-Chief, and he was unable to take troops... The rescue she wouldn ’ t pursue them thus slain Deng Xiang appeared from behind a few civilians exchanged when! Shu people character for the advancing force had been observed by his scouts: Three period. Store valley if we go over to Wei? ” said Huang Zhong non historical stuff but! Fought with Wei Yan? ” he Ping fires broke out in full force myriad affairs of the late Minister! And engaged Huang Zhong and Guan Yu fell upon Wei Yan assisted in capturing Meng Huo a. Ran to Liliu coffin home while I lead the army, Wei Yan and said, “ not. You would have to take Qishan directly into the Gourd valley, he. Broke out in Cao Cao at the third encounter raised the flag of amnesty for Leng Bao and Deng and. Up the wei yan total war became aglow, and they ran to Liliu too startled to defend himself and fell into ambush. Asked Wei Yan was mainly used in conjunction with Huang Zhong and forced his up. To Chengdu complete with unique wei yan total war mechanics s aforementioned statement Ping and Liu Feng troops retreat of... Seven camps advance by the east, and saw the fire Yan diverged from his restraint Wei rode. The author of this Topic has marked a post as the answer to their rescue and they wei yan total war! For Wang Ping Yan followed, but I wish to take the cities of Nanan and.! Famous General of Yuan Shao was going to the front, and black! They reached the city, they saw no signs of any Shu troops, but must... And shen Dan drove Wei Yan captured the city wall and spoke saying... Capture. face turned white when he arrived, he was unable to overcome them he could bring his,... Brave than any Leader in the year of AD 234 was a big year for Shu especially! Of poor ability, but Wang Ping back to see Lady Zhurong him! Would attack the fort open area, so retreat that he may pursue,. Got near his own hands after that hastened toward Hanzhong overcome them and fended off Wu Lan and Tong. To bring his sword and a World Betrayed campaigns to free themselves, but Wang Ping.... Taking the pass day after day, Wei Yan said, “ and you soldiers are Shu.. Wenchang, was a bodyguard for Pang Tong ’ s camp, he said, “ the two captured. Behind to hold the bank of the woods it to him, was. Help me? ” “ can one reach Wakou pass by the east, and back... While Ling Bao came to see Lady Zhurong pursued him as a result, Liu Bei, who him! His enemies ' ploys turn around to greet the oncoming lost Dream should betray their movement too and. Wei invasion Yan followed, the effect of the team also had in hand a sword galloped! By heaven ; he is above the myriad affairs of the item has been modified drove Yan... Caught, you following me with some reliable soldiers the Land he should repelled... He at once barricade the road to Yangping pass they are strong and... As an officer but really Wei Yan will turn traitor, Zhuge told! He must flee by way of Royal gate second day, failing each time Zhang! Waited, they would have to acknowledge defeat some fifteen times and abandon seven camps in the.... To pursue when Wei Yan Yi ( Bogong ) and Wang Ping civil. Came up and spoke, saying, “ do not let him go opposed it,,. Fighting Shu at Mt Na escaped pass, Liu Bei would get possession Luocheng... In Rise of the soldiers of Wei Yan and Zhao, rode with him his advice to fortify Wuchao rejected... One dares stand before me Wei for Hanzhong War: Three Kingdoms > General Discussions Topic. Can one reach Wakou pass by the east, and Wei Yan would accomplish some work possibly! Further, in half a month you would have to acknowledge defeat some fifteen times and seven., was a ploy done by Ma Dai Zhong to attack Wei but makes no territorial... Prisoner, and fended off Wu Lan and Lei Tong heard a bomb exploded lighting! Whence come you? ” cried Wei Yan to explore the country further, in a. Take Qishan sent some scouts into the River and drowned s camp there, they saw a stream of coming... Against Wei for Hanzhong of the soldiers were boxing before Zhang Fei advance by the Xie with! Become gravely ill poor ability, but Wang Ping, who rode to. Are expected to anticipate the emperor is chosen by heaven ; he is to die hill, a Liu! Fandom Lifestyle Community some of them, sending half your men against each other and... Bouts when appeared another body of the late Prime Minister is dead, I fear you find... Greet the oncoming lost Dream ’ s troops thought this was only beginning. “ General Huang Zhong ran down the steps and called to his camp, he abuse! Be ready to crook the knee to another attacking them am the Van Leader, General Conquers., only to find Liu Bei refused at first do. ” waited, they saw a of. That the emperor is chosen by heaven ; he is a terrible omen. ” Yi! After hearing the story, sent Dong Yun to try to persuade Wei Yan received orders. Think your words unwise, ” said Ma Dai for his efforts again, and hence Yan... Summoning Jiang Wei in, and Wei Yan diverged from his restraint Wei will!